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Shortly afterwards, the fleeing dalmatians including Lucky are found and sent home via the Suffolk Constabularywhile those looking for Cruella arrive at the farm to arrest her.

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Roger and Anita have a baby daughter, and a year later the puppies have grown up with puppies of their own. Enraged, Cruella dismisses Anita and vows revenge against her and Roger. Some time later, Cruella visits their home and expresses contempt upon meeting Roger.

One winter evening, she has her henchmen, Jasper and Horace break into their home and steal the puppies, while Roger and Anita are walking in the park with Pongo and Perdy. Her initial disgust at them having a baby turns to excitement when she finds out Perdy is expecting too.

Ass Backwards

In the police van, she belittles Jasper, Horace, and Skinner for their incompetence before they are sprayed by a skunk which she had mistaken for her bag.

Roger designs a successful video game featuring dalmatian puppies as the protagonists and Cruella as the villain and they move to the countryside with their millions. Cruella is intrigued by the idea of making garments out of actual Dalmatians, and finds it amusing that it would seem as if she was wearing Anita's dog.

Jasper and Horace also asks Skinner to kill and skin them to create her coat. Meanwhile, Cruella tracks the puppies to the farm where they are hiding and tries to retrieve them.

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Her boss, the pampered and very glamorous Cruella de Vilhas a deep passion for fur, going so far as to have a taxidermistMr Skinner, skin a white tiger at the London Zoo to make it into a rug for her.

Pongo, Perdy and their puppies are reunited with Roger and Anita. Along with 84 other dalmatians that were previously stolen, they deliver them to her ancient country estateDe Vil Mansion.

101 Dalmatians (1996) 1996 with English subtitle

Cruella arrives at the mansion and soon discovers what has happened. They both fall into the lake as a result of their dogs chasing each other, but they return to Roger's home and Anita accepts his proposal. James's ParkRoger discovers that Pongo likes Perdy. Angry with the thieves' failure, she decides to carry out the job herself, while Jasper and Horace attempt to search for them also.

Lover Come Back

They get married along with Perdy and Pongo. With the family devastated at the loss of their puppies, Pongo uses the twilight bark to carry the message via the dogs and other animals of Britain, while Roger and Anita notify the Metropolitan Police.

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However, the animals outwit her, cause her to fall into a vat of molasses and get thrown through a window into a pig pen. Her owner, Anita Campbell-Green falls in love with Roger when they meet.

A dog who had witnessed the stolen puppies follows Jasper and Horace to the mansion, and finds all of them inside, before helping them escape under the duo's noses. Anita, inspired by her Dalmatian, designs a coat made with spotted fur.

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They make their way to a nearby farm, where they are later joined by Pongo and Perdy. Anita works as a fashion designer at the House of de Vil. After a frantic chase through the streets of London that ends in St.

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After being informed that the remaining 84 puppies have no home to go to, as they have not yet been claimed by their original owners, they decide to adopt them, bringing the total to Anita soon discovers that Perdy is pregnant and is then informed by Nanny that she Anita is, too, much to her shock.

One day, Pongo sets his eyes on a beautiful female dalmatian named Perdy. After several mishaps, Jasper and Horace discover nearby police on the hunt for Cruella and her henchmen and hand themselves in, joining Skinner who was beaten earlier while trying to kill Lucky one of the 15 puppieswho had been left behind.

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