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Moscow, Russia natural causes Birth Date: He was award the honorable term of the National Artist and received numerous decorations for his achievement as an actor. The Moscow State Circus on Tsvetnoi Bulevard was the foremost workplace for Yuri Nikulin, where he had a career spanning more or less 50 years.

White Parrota hilarious TV show where on earth he gather the crme de la crme of Russian comedians.

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His lawful talent endure the country's worst times with a smirk. Leningrad, Soviet Union now St. He could label individuals smile anytime and everywhere; even after the lie of the Soviet Union, when the victims maoism was replace with the no lesser body bloody Russian capitalism.

There he was admit after present a pantomime as a clown. Their cooperation from to was one of the transcript bountiful actor-director partnership in the times of yore of Russian film.

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Yuri Nikulin family his father talent and enjoy a fancy of becoming an actor. Moscow, Russia after surgery Yuri Nikulin be a Russian figure entertainer, comedian, mime, and circus buffoon who was also Artistic Director of Moscow Circus and having mass appeal TV put on outlook host.

Even the toughest hard-liners know that without his humor the homespun go of many millions would be fully insupportable. The Second World War changed his encode of guidelines near approach of he was draft in the Soviet Army in and serve in a cistern part until He could not flood back with in any Soviet acting college for a few years, until he go to the Moscow Circus.

After the period of war he come into nightmare a changed man.

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Yuri Nikulin become excellent specified for his role in the the droll section from director 'Leonid Gaidai' qv. Nikulin show his array in an grouping of genre from slapstick comedy to romance and war the acting.

Yuri Nikulin die after an interested heart surgery, on August 21,in Moscow, and was laid to balance in the Novodevichy Monastery Cemetery, among the tomb of 'Anton Chekhov' qv'Mikhail A.

He graduate from the Circus School inand started his acting craft as a clown at the Moscow State Circus.

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Nikulin was among very few comedian who could best laughing in the obverse of the Soviet net minus any madness of mortal punish. His father, Vladimir Andreevich Nikulin, was a magazine columnist and organizer who work in help of theater and circus.

Petersburg, Russia Death Date: During the s Nikulin hosted 'Bely Popugai' aka. Their comedies be the highest-grossing strongbox bureau hit ever in Russia and the abovementioned Soviet Union with the admission of , in the novel 15 months.

Nikulin's trouble-free grace and true donkey work, moreover as his mastery of time and his highly funny mask made him an immobile to pay packet comedian, arguably the best Russian comedian ever.