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My own personal hoe, which has served me well for that past dozen years, connects to FIVE points on the back of the tractor-side subframe.

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Since you are concerned about up-down strength, not left-right, a deep- section beam is better usable strength per unit of weight. That material is easier to machine in a factory setting, IMO, and weld to, if you have to weld both sides.

Three point hitch backhoe

The loading reach is 4 feet, 0 inches, and the stabilizer spread in the down position is 7 feet, 5 inches. Low-profile console allows an unobstructed view of the working area. The tractor needs to be exactly in-lined with the mounting point of the implement, otherwise attaching the hitch will require you to move the implement from side to side.

I-beams are ideal for this kind of strength, but not ideal to weld to, on the sides.

Specs & Compare

Backhoes Now that you have decided to purchase a tractor mounted backhoe, you have additional considerations. Turn off the tractor and engage parking brake. Our helpful representatives can offer you pointers for choosing a WoodMaxx backhoe.

Lower the draft arm control lever to relieve pressure in the circuit. Make sure lift rod weldment is released from slots in mainframe. Secure backhoe to the tractor using L-pins and lynchpins on backhoe. The design of the mainframe also positions the entire backhoe close to the tractor.

The best shape compromise is a C-channel with thick web.

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The maximum digging depth is 9 feet, and the model has a 6 foot, 1 inch foot loading height. Convenient and easy operation Adjustable seat pivots up and locks automatically when not in use.

Great if you can reuse some steel that you salvaged, or already bought in bulk. Select a firm, level site to remove the backhoe and engage the parking brake. Attach the other end of the drawbar to the upper hitch point on the tractor using a hitch rod.

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Start the tractor then raise backhoe to full height using tractor-hitch control lever. Disconnect the hydraulics and reconnect the tractor power beyond hydraulics. Extend drawbar to operating position and install upper link to tractor three-point.

Each model has its own specifications, as well as capabilities, allowing you to select the model that is best suited for your needs. If you need a model that is slightly larger, choose the WM Why not use it? Swing and boom lock pins for safe transport.

Direct coupling of two double-acting swing cylinders to the swing frame gives precise control A very compact swing system Simple linkage and chains for easy service The large cylinders provide extra torque for backfilling The swing system design and subframe mounting allows the backhoe to be close-coupled to the tractor for improved stability Flip-over stabilizer pads Flip-over pads allow a quick and easy conversion between field and street usage.

Release the parking brake. Push the lower attachment pin on the implement through the small floating ball on the tractor's lift arms. If you still need help selecting the model that is right for your needs, call WoodMaxx.

Lower backhoe to ground.

Tips & Warnings

Remove L-pins and lynchpins securing backhoe to tractor. Use a locking hitch pin on each attachment pin to secure the implement to the tractor.

Lower the hydraulic lift arms so that they are level with the lower attachment points on the implement. It will weigh and cost a lot more than channel, however. You then can adjust the drawbar to straighten the implement, if necessary.

Each backhoe for tractor model features a swing arc of degrees and a bucket rotation of degrees. Using the hydraulic lift on the tractor, raise the implement just off the ground.

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Finally, the recommended horsepower for this model is HP. Turn off the tractor. Once the mounting frame is installed, attaching and detaching is quick and easy.

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If you have purchased nothing so far, then a round-cross-section tube will be the strongest in all directions, per unit pound. Lower boom and install lock pin in park position on backhoe boom.

I still get a bit of flex. The weight of this model with the bucket is lbs. This model has a maximum digging depth of 8 feet, and a 5 foot, 10 inch foot loading height. The bucket cylinder digging force is lbs. This provides better serviceability. It is there and strong. WoodMaxx offers three models of PTO backhoe attachments.

Last, the recommended horsepower for this model is HP. Our largest model is the WM This backhoe has several features that make it best in class when put on the proper tractors.