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It's the sensation of watching a movie in front of my eyes — like someone is projecting a film onto my eyes. It's the reason for all of them.

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But I wasn't there. But in your lyrics, there are always proper-noun people and places.

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Using an off-the-wall analogy, Duritz can conjure a sensation usually confined to a single, insufficient word. It makes it hard to connect with people because I have to force myself to take [the world] seriously, as if it's real.

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But I'm not really a Rangers fan. I heard he was sitting on his butt telling other people to sit down.

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He credited the band's last album — "Underwater Sunshine," which is adam counting crows dating services with reimagined cover songs — for lighting a match under the group members and opening their eyes to what they can do with their old songs.

It isn't referenced specifically in "Dislocation," but it's certainly part of what the song is about.

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People he's met, places he's been, and feelings he's felt are brushstrokes on a musical canvas. It's always better to do something than just mope around. This was not workaholism.

After covering "AARP" magazine, the Counting Crows singer tries online dating

He perceives blizej online dating scenes like a projection on a movie screen. You've got to get your therapy done outside of things like that.

You described a disconnect from people and places in relation to your dissociative disorder. What does Duritz say to the fans expecting to hear "Round Here" or "Mr.

Rather than play all their radio hits the exact same way they're played on the albums, the band members have been known to change the melodies and lyrics and insert verses from other songs — that's if they play those radio hits at all.

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I would hate to put fans through all this while we're thinking we're great and they're all miserable. That deep connection is yanked away in an instant.

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That seems to work well for us. Music in Los Angeles March 31, Ten years ago I felt we weren't getting a fair shake. I just didn't talk about it for a long time. I've decided to talk to more blogs.

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His first-person account is helpful in understanding the disturbing symptoms behind this kind of disorder — a complete disconnect with reality to the point of losing time and in some cases, place: But an album is probably a good way of judging how the person is feeling.

That said, if I have to choose a day where I feel like shit and a day I feel like shit and finish a song, I'll take B.

But I would get bored playing songs because I felt I had to play them. I didn't know specifically what it was for a long time, but the feeling was always there, since I was in my early 20s.

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These experiences create abstract associations between concrete things, as do many of Duritz's lyrics. Writing a song doesn't take a problem and make it better.

Jones" at every one of his shows? You can learn more about Dr. Read the full article: I'm an Oakland A's fan. Not necessarily that I got better, but I stopped getting worse, and I got a grip on where I was.

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He is an author, researcher and expert in mental health online, and has been writing about online behavior, mental health and psychology issues -- as well as the intersection of technology and human behavior -- since Since his early 20s, Duritz has suffered from what he describes as a dissociative disorder, which can, at times, make his world seem unreal.