Ama K Abebrese reportedly gives birth to baby girl - Celebrities - Pulse Ama K Abebrese reportedly gives birth to baby girl - Celebrities - Pulse

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If these girls are underage, then what he is doing is abusive. Abebrese is Ghollywood actress, TV presenter and producer. Majid is ranked number 56 in the top African most famous celebrities in the African movie industry. He is one of the richest Ghana actors. She is one of the most prominent lead role artistes in the Ghana movie industry.

Some succeed in growing into unforgettable celebrities, while some others come, reign and fade away. She is currently one of the most prominent figures in Ghallywood.

With her bold, sexy, rolling eyes, Jackie is just one in Ghallywood, and is undeniably the most popular lead actress in Ghana. Her role as Jennifer Adams in the movie series, Adams Apples earned her great and indelible popularity in the entertainment industry.

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I do not know their age but they look young. These have made him case 17 flirting with risk solutions captive more than most of the Nigerian actors who have acted in the industry for many years.

So by the time they grow up they think it's normal behaviour. Prince David is doing well in Ghana movie industry.

List Of 15 Richest Ghana Actors/Actresses And Their Net Worth

Abebrese is a British television presenter, producer and actress. Just few years into the entertainment industry, she made marks that qualified her to make it to this list.

And now, she has turned a prominent producer. Van Vicker is an ambassador for Globacom telecommunication company and he also has a training facility where he trained students who want to act.

He remains one of the most prominent lead actors in the Ghana movie industry. In addition, this has made him get invitations from the popular Ghanaian African movie actors and actresses for the last couple of years.

Fri/31/Oct: DOUBLE CROSS London Premiere starring Ama K Abebrese & John Dumelo

Nadia was the lead character in the movie which earned her much prominence. If these girls have been abused their whole lives, they do not know any better. The acting stage is actually a very dynamic platform for stars to come and go.

Though majorly a TV presenter, she is also one of the leading actresses in the Ghana movie industry. She is simply amazing. Permit me to say that he is a legend in Ghallywood.

She is among the richest Ghanaian actresses at the moment. She is determined to prove his innocence; she carried out her own investigation and finds the actual robber; Danny Frimpong John Dumelo a calm and collected sophisticated genius of a thief who has a personal vendetta against the bank he robbed Neptune Bank International.

She has featured in more than movies since she mounted the acting stage.

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John is so popular that even the kids who are not talking yet could identify and point him out him in a movie. Martha opened an ultra modern beauty salon called 'Martha's Place' in She is among the top best actresses in Ghana and known for her remarkable performances.

They can now boast of very popular actors and actresses who have gained international recognition. Check out the storyline and teaser below while we await the release date to be announced and the release of the full trailer. However, at each moment in history of any movie industry, there are usually people who are at the fore-front, those who usually take the lead roles, which make them more prominent than their counterparts.

Click to read more about her. Born to a Nigerian dad and Ghanaian mother has made name for herself in Ghana movie industry.

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Is disturbing, it's abusive and I hope the relevant authorities deal with it. In she became the brand ambassador of Range Rover Evoque Ghana and Jobberman Ghana, a jobs advertisement company in Lydia Forson Ghallywood Lead Actors She may not appear flashy like several other of her counterparts, but Lydia Forson is unique in her own special ways.

It's important to note that whether they look like they are enjoying it or not does not stop it being abusive. If this is what he does publicly I don't even want to imagine what happens behind closed doors.

He has been nominated for several awards out of which he won some. This is not in any way funny. Joselyn Dumas Ghallywood Lead Actors If it were to be on general grounds, the wave-making and alluring Joselyn Dumas would eventually top this list.

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In Juliet Ibrahim bags an endorsement deal with international electronics company LG Ghana and the face of a cream in Ghana, Carotone.

John Dumelo has stared in over movies just in less than seven years. Ghana movie industry now known as Ghollywood is fast becoming a force to reckon with in Africa and in the world. He has featured in many Nollywood and Ghollywood movies. She started acting inher role as "Beyonce" was her major breakthrough in the movie industry.

She is indeed a household name in the African movie industry.

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But the truth of the matter is that over time, Ghallywood has been developing into something to be reckoned with globally.

This ranks him among the youngest successful actors who have done well in the industry in the century. With a lot of jewellery and loads of money at stake, each one of them tries to outwit each other with medleys of smart thinking as they plan and execute the robberies.

Through her show Sinking Sands, she received a whopping 12 nominations in the Ghana Movie Awards in one of them being the most sought after Actress of the Year in a Leading Role.

They meticulously plan the robberies, but no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare them for the dangerous enemy, an enemy Effie least expected and never saw coming; an unexpected turn of events on the day of the robbery, what happened?

Jackie Appiah has done many TV adverts for companies such as U.