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He is, who he is. However, the intended engine a 3. Too much pressure and the steel will crack or split. Magnus hasn't engaged in a fully committed build since his STR project.

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Preparation for the bare metal, glass-outrepaint is highlighted in a series of photos in the gallery below. DP Motorsport also offers other modifications such as a wide-body kit and an interior re-modeling for an extra cost upon request. The first was the model year Speedster.

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The car was conceived in as a twin-turbo with four-wheel drive and a PDK gearbox. It has the vintage look of a 73 Date back, the stance and presence of an RSR. I just purchased a few more cars and need some room in my garage. I would send out the instrument cluster to be recondition and rebuilt.

Porsche 911 1973 Date Back RSR Tribute - Hot Rod- 964 FI 3.6L +MORE!

Up front, the license plate recess has been removed and the center bar has been deleted from the lower grill, while RS brake ducts add a bit of body color to the indicator housings.

Somwhere along the way, an off-course excursion retired the Porsche from competition and relegated it to the dark barn where Dorian would later find it. Coupe and Targa production ends.

Suspended on KW Clubsports, the car has been corner-balanced to achieve optimum weight balance and consistent handling characteristics. That includes the heater, windows and mirrors, cabriolet roof, and the seats. The engine used was not the standard road-car unit, but a smaller twin-turbocharged 3.

Over talks with the gentlemen at Pirelli, Magnus mentioned that they ought to fill the growing void of sport tire options in vintage sizing. Rather than backdate it or attempt to form it into a wild widebody, Magnus chose to expand upon the sporty demeanor of the and accentuate the cars original british dating customs with the narrow body and big bumpers.

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Failing that, you can take so much away from a car like this for your own build. Especially if the R Gruppe aesthetic is what you are after. This version was the start of a line that continued with the C4S and C4S. To backdating 964 porsche wide the wheel wells, 17x8 and 17x9.

There has been tremendous weight saving, but all without the use of composite bodywork or interior pieces. Bodywork Although the features a fully galvanised bodyshell, giving it a thorough inspection is still essential.

Check the windscreen surround for bubbling, too, as well as the scuttle. This had the standard electric spoiler and turbo guards.

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With the wide range of body styles and specifications, there should be a to suit most tastes. As his first foray into the modern chassis, Magnus wanted to refrain from straying too far from the original car's DNA. The interior was completely stripped, a rollcage added, and the windows replaced with plastic.

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The result is reminiscent of the double-bubble roof elements found on many sports cars, new and old. It has levels, it has depth, it is in many ways the whole package.

From there, the car was entered in the 24 Hours of Le Mansrunning under the guise of the Porsche factory team. The car would win all four races in which it competed, including the km Suzuka.

It has been driven the approximately miles since completion of this build. Magnus has created an impressive follow-up to his past STR build, and it comes as no surprise to hear him say that this is the build that he is most proud of.

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We had just finished a morning of proper Speedhunting and found ourselves at a loose end in an In-N-Out near Long Beach. It makes you look harder and rewards your patience by showing you a little bit more every time you look at it.

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A receipt for this work and a series of build photos are provide in the gallery below. I am a 17 year member of the Porsche Club of America and have owned 16 Porsches over the past 18 years.

An adjustable racing rear wing was added on top of the standard Turbo's wing.

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What started as a single sentence, quickly developed into reality at a pace which I still find surreal. I have found that if I take it out for a drive it does drop small amounts of oil so there is seepage coming from the case.

Understand that I am not anti-modifying our more modern cars, I've got a stack of parts in the garage myself waiting to be put onto mine. There was a sense of genuine passion and enthusiasm that came across on screen. Some owners embrace the classic silhouette and point back to the early models with backdated bumpers and vintage styling cues.

However this is to be expected from any vintage Turbo-style wide body available on Carrera 2 Coupe and Cabriolet. While these builds garnered a sea of attention, Magnus will be the first to admit that his recent cars have been interim projects, acting as case studies for his styles and techniques.

Rounding out the smooth bodywork on the car is a fiberglass rear bumper, the only aftermarket body part to grace the car. Fifteen of the 16 prototypes were destroyed in December and the sole remaining prototype has not been seen since. When it was pulled from the barn, the car already had a Porsche engine under its decklid, so it was saved and sent off to be punched out to 3.

Launched in Carrera 4 Coupe form. Porsche planned to build examples of the Speedsters inbut only examples were built and sold during the two years of production.

Suspension modifications include Bilstein shocks, Sway-A-Way rear spring plates, and Tarett Engineering sway bars and drop links.

This really is different though and I can see why Magnus calls it his most complete Since I first met him, Magnus Walker has been churning out cars, each one receiving vintage race-inspired styling cues that have become synonymous with his name.

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More than three quarters of the built had the "Turbo look" wide-body option. Simple ideas that can be transferred or integrated into any style of car. This is a sunroof delete car, and exterior updates include a new windshield, new light lenses, and yellow H4 headlights.

Magnus wanted to create a subtle "baby" version of the large IROC spoilers and offer a unique alternative to the ducktail spoilers that are often found on custom s. We encourage you to devote some time to admiring the work and care that was put into this build while you browse over the subtle styling cues and personal touches that make it so special.