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Banana halwa in bangalore dating. Banana halwa recipe. how to make banana halwa by subhashni venkatesh - plattershare.

I had this perception that it is very complicated and time consuming to prepare.

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Recipe Notes Over ripe banana s are must. When it cools,cut it into desired shapes. So I was overtly overjoyed and proceeded to bring some extra bananas from the grocery to keep the little one happy.

The only draw back with this is it is very time consuming and requires constant stirring on medium flame especially toward the end, else it quickly tends to burn.

So as expected I went ahead and did some searches on Google and finally settled for this beautiful recipe here for Banana Halwa. Tasty chewy Banana halwa is ready to enjoy.

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If you want you can increase the quantity of sugar. In fact, I was surprised when I saw the recipe and the process of making it. Its ok if there are small banana lumps.

Nendran banana will have a tinge of tangy taste. After about 20 mins,the mixture starts getting slightly brown.

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Just ripe ones will not give the color and consistency for halwa. We also carry back boxful of these when we go to Bangalore and relish them here in the US.

Banana Halwa Recipe – Balehannu Halwa Recipe

Add a tsp of ghee. So I was stumped as this seemed very doable and it did not involve too much fat or sugar. Two days later, the 3 year old decided that he does not like bananas anymore. Banana Halwa Burfi It happened yet again this weekend.

Alow it to cool.

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For those unfamiliar with this sweet, it is soft and chewy, not very sweet and does not have any taste of banana when cooked. That just left me with heaps of over ripe bananas and a big question mark as to what to make of them.

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After about 35 minsthe halwa forms a combined mass with a rich dark brown color. Transfer the halwa to a greased plate and spread it evenly with a greased flat spoon. Add elaichi powder and chopped nuts.

They will get cooked later. I had made eggless banana bread earlier, but the quantity this time as way higher and I was desperately looking for other alternatives.

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Making this took me about 45 minutes. Add sugar to the mashed bananas and keep it on medium flame. I had so many of those over ripe bananas languishing on my kitchen counter top that the smell and the sight just drover me nuts.

Stir it once in a while. At this point add remaining ghee,mix well and start stirring continuously. Leaving the hand might burn halwa at the bottom.

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Mash them nicely using hands or fork or masher. Nevertheless the taste is just divine. You can level it or smoothen the surface using a greased rolling pin or greased cup. After few mins, sugar melts and combines with mashed banana. Continue stirring in between.

To match the taste to the closest u can add little lime juice towards the end when adding elaichi powder and mix well. I am also told by my dear friend that these are famous in Kerala too. Try this recipeonly if you have them.

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I have had this Banana halwa in Bangalore and especially love the ones that are made at Adyar Anand Bhawan a sweetmeat store that specializes in traditional Indian sweets Mithai. Dear Son in the earlier week had shown keen interest in eating bananas and acted as if it was his new found love.

But then if you are using normal large banana s this would be missing. This slight tanginess with the sweetness altogether will take the halwa to a new level n make it more yummy. Color also starts changing a bit. It lasts for more than a month without refrigeration I know it will disappear in a matter of minutes!!!