The 10 best and worst superhero costumes of all time The 10 best and worst superhero costumes of all time

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What do you think are the best and worst superhero costumes?

This bold outfit gets a thumbs up from us. Worst Plastic Man - looks like one of those 40's bathing suits, complete with tinted goggles. Now that would be obscure. It was meant to show that something was wrong with her. Terrific debuted in Sensation Comics 1 in January That's all part of the fun of a series set in the s.

It is a symbol to represent themselves. I havent read plastic man for years. The downside, though, was that he ended up becoming supercharged with solar energy, to the point where his body could no longer process it in the way it used to. Assistant district attorney Rick Raleigh uses his athletic prowess, stinger gun gay dating apps free trained bees that he keeps in his belt yep to become the Red Bee and fight gangsters and Nazis.

What guy is going to be attracted to a woman dressed like this?

Best Worst Superhero Costumes! (Omnibus)

Still, that short stint with pants and a jacket was enough to garner this awesome costume. Okay, let's break it down: Definitely the coolest black superhero. No other costume on this list misses the point as much as this one.

However, we have a couple of ground rules. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles These costumes defy belief. A lot of them are really good, even comics-accurate. He was mostly a hands-off boss. When batman first graced our screens his outfit consisted of mainly lycra — a far cry from the steel heavy outfits of today.

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Wonder Woman Wonder Woman's costume is one that makes no damn sense. Sif was the badass warrior chick, just like she is in the comics. They spend most of their time in casual wear, but the costumes they do have are pretty much nothing more than t-shirt and jeans.

They have absolutely nothing to do with Spider-Man or the black costume. Need I say more? He would look wrong without it, despite what may be wrong with it today.

Spiderman - Even works in the movies. Depending on your personal appreciation of cleavage, this is either a dream or a nightmare.

Holy spandex, Batman!

Some might argue that Peggy Carter isn't actually a superhero, but most fans of her TV series disagree. Martian Manhunter Look at his costume. Marvel's Worst Costumes Scarlet Witch: It's like with Superman: And everybody really loves his villains. After Daisy embraced her powers on Marvel's Agents of S.

The color scheme is different and unique among the America brand costumes out there. I found these three costumes while browsing, and they are gloriously accurate to their comic inspiration.

Is she trying to channel Sailor Moon? What more could you ask for in one suit? The best of the bunch is the Catwoman costume, I think.

The 10 Worst Superhero Costumes in Comic Book History

You see, Wonder Man had moved to Hollywood to become an actor and when the Avengers opened up a West Coast branch, he was an easy pick for the team. What I see when I see Manhunter: Sometimes a key to a well aged costume is not losing those pieces but not noticing them anymore.

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