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After losing her secret partner, Cappy, she created one of the most notorious alliances in the history of the show: Which seemed like he was until paranoia set in. She won 4 Head of Household competitions, and 3 Power of Vetoes. Ian got the ball and won the veto, but in doing so he sacrificed his chance to play in the week's POV competition.

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Ian wasted no time in trying to figure out the right order but was always off by a couple of people. I liked the fire in her as competitor and was able to make moves in the game.

Danielle's game didn't go too far in All Stars when she didn't have her "Jason". Not only that, but she had a strong alliance, of which she was the unspoken leader. He plays on a level like you and Dr. Go to big brother 14 shane and danielle dating vic Joe.

That Pandora's box was put in effect just so she could win. If there is an All Stars 2, she should be at least one of the 20 contestants up for consideration. Lloyd Unfortunately, it had to Britney for it to work.

Alexandra I was just wondering what you thought about watching the episode when Shane was evicted. He is top 10 winners, but not top 10 players.

Unfortunately, Adam was too spineless to make a big move. Just wanted to say I think you played a phenomenal game this season, and I hope that when I get in the Big Brother Canada house someday It IS going to happenI can play half as good as you.

You are awesome Dan!

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On Day 56, Ian nominated Frank and Jenn for eviction. Dan Gheesling Thanks for the compliment Jake! In her first season, she managed to convince her biggest enemies Brendan and Rachel that she was in their pocket and probably would have had their jury votes in addition to Matt and Regan.

Will and Danielle Reyes in no particular virtual world games online flirting being very close behind.

Danielle made Dan swear that he would vote to keep Shane no matter what, however Dan had no plan of keeping Shane. Her manipulation skills are right up there with Dr. You are the best player ever and you were a genius In the art of manipulation.

Paul should of won and I bet if he went up against derrick and Daniel Reyes he could win definitely over Daniel Reyes because she just floated her way threw the game and this year it was Paul's first time it was Nicole's second and also if Paul returns next year he should win because if Nicole can win after coming back Paul definitely can and Paul kind of dr will and dan so that's how good of a player I think Paul is ' one of the greatest of all time because there was some good competitors this year and he battled he was threw it.

Nevertheless, Aweson game and YOU made my summer! I was appalled when she was first out of All-Stars I hate how people base her off of all stars she is one of the best players ever she deserved to win season way more than anyone else I'd rank her in top 5 based off her flirting strategy, and great knowledge of how to play the game.

However, if the coaches chose to keep the game the same, the eviction would continue, but one evicted HouseGuest would return the following week. Thanks so much for this continued communication with fans. In one brilliant move Maggie started the chain reaction that led to the demise of the Sovereign Six.

Changed the way big brother ran the veto competition by having random draw rather houseguest choice.

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However, she then helped evict the biggest threat left in the game, Jeff. On Day 14, Willie was expelled from the house, after going on a rampage in which he threw pork rinds at Janelle, swore at the female HouseGuests, and headbutted Joe.

She also made very strong bonds with people like ivette,To get to the final 2 and to eventually win and to make ivette to make an even dumber decision to take her too. The best competitor other than Janelle.

Frank decided to choose Dan. They then had to place their pictures where they fit on the molecule web. Didn't have to win comps to make it so far, because he had a really good social game.

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That conversation with Frank. When money is on the line people will do anything. Did she forget the game is on t. Up until then, Dan and even Danielle were better players than Ian, in my opinion.

The jury was allowed to ask questions to both Dan and Ian, who began to turn against each other. Willie, Shane, JoJo, and Ian. After the veto competition, Dan asked Danielle to use the Veto on himself, to which Danielle would only agree if Dan would evict Ian and not Shane.

How she won Big Brother 13 was a little bit of luck in the form of convenient twists and a lot of heart and determination. I think I speak for all of your supporters when I say we are so thankful how cool and amazing you are to take the time out of your busy schedule to write to us, and speak with us on twitter and spreecast.

Charlene Hi Dan Just wanted to add my name to the list of people who have thanked you for make BB14 so enjoyable. Thank you Britney you're a goddess at the game How is Britney 20th! I think you played an awesome game.

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The next week, he wins HOH again! But when Boogie heard about this from Frank, he said to Frank, "If you put up Dan, then it's 8 versus 2 and it's game over for us. With the help of his Chilltown partner Mike Boogie. I thought early on in the season, that if you wanted a chance to win, you had to be in the finals with Mike Boogy.

Riding coat ails was part of her strategy and she tied to make moves when she needed to she would have become the 1st 2 time winner had Rachel not reformed her alliance with Porsche and she is good at quiz comps and golfing comps 26 Jeff Schroeder - 7th Place - Season 11 Was a breast at chimps and protecting Jordan.