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Those two aligning with the twins and Austin give them numbers. You kept pushing it off and pushing it off. Name your prediction for who you think will win this season: As far myself and Meg, there was never any type of showmance, romance, or connection there between us whatsoever. Contents [ show ] Birthday: Or, as Audrey almost witnessed, could spell your ultimate destruction.

Shelli, along with the rest of The Sixth Sense ran the house for the first half of the game, dismantling the season's original power alliance, The Goblins. Becky thought she and Shelli were embarking on a plan to backdoor Audrey.

Big Brother season 17 is shaping up to be, well, sort of a crapshow regarding strategy and alliances, but these three houseguests seem to be sticking together for whatever reason — and, perhaps, this dynamic trio has what it takes to go far in Big Brother big brother shelli and clay dating websites Clay Honeycutt evicted from Big Brother 17 — Source: I think quemquam latino dating has a good chance.

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Vanessa admitted that Audrey will never be her target and also went so far as to say that she will be loyal to both Clay and Shelli — and, I assume, whomever else they consider friends in the house.

It was very unfortunate for us to be on the Block together. Yes, I am a fraternal twin, from Atlanta, and I was married at I think them sticking together, however if someone like a Johnny Mac went really far or even Steve if his competitions start coming up.

I have the utmost respect for CBS, but whoever wrote this bio was highly misinformed. What made you decide to give up your game for Shelli?

Audrey threw out the idea that Chelli should flop to the other side of the house. I was offended to see my name and picture attached to false statements about my past and relationships. What do you think? Shelli survived the eviction. We looked back and knew that was our only flaw of this plan was not having a story to say right after this took place.

January 12, Shelli is a fraternal twin and the middle of five children, so she's been fighting for attention since a young age. She knows this game inside and out. That did bite us in the butt. Was there any time this week when you had second thoughts on not campaigning to stay? No regrets on that waking up this morning?

And if Clay and Shelli keep up their more-than-cordial attitudes towards Audrey, one of the loosest cannons in the house, you might as well put giant red blinking targets on all their backs.

The Chelli showmance has officially come to an end.

We did initially, but we had every intention of telling them our role in this whole situation. Last summer, she was watching Big Brother and told her boyfriend at the time she wanted to apply. Why did they deny involvement in that plan?

But I went through a divorce for an entire year before I started dating again I did not "hop right back into a relationship"and it was not with a "childhood friend" we had known each other for several years, but not as kids. My decision was pretty much made the night before when I had this conversation with her about how much this has meant to her.

And finally, I would never allow someone to make me "push my dreams aside. We wanted Jason to stay for our own game and for personal reasons. Is it just me or do they take into consideration just about everything Audrey throws their way?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below and be on the lookout for Big Brother spoilers, gossip, and updates! That was completely blown out of proportion. I guess me doing that and looking out for her bit me in the butt because she of course blew it out of proportion, turned on Johnny Mac, backed him in to a corner.

Find out about the comments he made of Meg last night to Julie Chen and what was going on with the decision that lead to their downfall last week. She is a cool girl. That got her on the Block. She gets along with all the guys.

Do you think these three individuals each bring their own strengths to the game that will carry them through as a dynamic alliance, or should Chelli sever ties with the Wild Child and be on their merry way?

Waking up of course I wanted to be in the game. They discussed whether or not they can trust Audrey — a good thing to ponder. Then the Jason renom happened and things went downhill from there. He mentioned to me that he was worried about Vanessa and she would be his next target.

Watch our preseason interview with Clay to compare how his season turned out. She is friends with all the guys in the house. This Atlanta native is a right mix of southern charm and city grit.

Do you think Shelli and Clay walking so close to Audrey is a good thing or a bad thing? I think she has one of the better shots to win this game. Correct bio from her blog: I can sleep knowing that what I did was for her and an act of unselfishness.

It was a running joke in the house. Shelli is now single, living on her own as a successful career woman, and stopping at nothing to fulfill her dream of entering the Big Brother house. She told me how emotional she got doing hers because she was finally here and it meant so much to her to finally have this opportunity and has wanted this so bad for so long.

The votes were initially set to evict Vanessaone of her closest remaining allies, but then the house flipped, and Shelli became eliminated during the first half of the first Double Eviction by a unanimous vote. I tried to take as much blame for that as I could.

Shelli and Clay - Big Brother 17 -

In Week 6, she and her showmance, Claywere nominated against each other when The Goblins returned to power. Those five right there are deadly. One of us had to leave. She placed 11th and was the first member of the jury. And undoubtedly forever will be.

You knew it was coming up and a decision had to be made. We never wanted Jason to leave.