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No, the dialogue is not iambic poetry. It's about trying to find the balance between how much of the really, really famous music we use — 'Can't Help Falling in Love,' 'Hound Dog,' 'Burning Love,' 'Jailhouse Rock,' 'All Shook Up' — and going to the [Elvis] movies and finding unexpected songs that happen to hit our plot exactly right.

We've really gotten to reimagine these songs. It begins at Broadway's Palace Theatre Feb.

All Shook Up

As a music director and arranger, it's rare that I get to be on the front lines; I'm usually a bit more peripheral, because you usually have a composer. By the end of Act One, do we know who is going to end up with who?

I had taken some liberties with the harmonies of the song and went in a more gospel direction in terms of the chord changes — and I wondered if this guy was gonna like what we did.

Of the period setting, Ashley said, "That's sort of new again, unfortunately, in — there's a kind of new conservatism in the air: I can't believe it!

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About 95 percent of his songs are about some sort of love The cast totals Everyone really enjoyed the approach, so we got to continue And this music unleashes something that's delightful and exciting and passionate and unexpected and often painful and completely out of everyone's control. Woolard costume designDonald Holder lighting designBrian Ronan sound designMichael Gibson orchestrations and Zane Mark dance music arrangements.

What I really did was whittle it down. I got involved after the first reading [presented for Elvis Presley Enterprises] and said, 'I want to produce this. The show's completely about love and how you can't control it. In a show, that gives a director an immense amount of permission and latitude to invent.

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We shifted it to All Shook Up just because it's easier to remember. We have been denied nothing. It's all about, hopefully, creating a show that feels like those songs were written for this show. The conformity-minded s — represented by the right-wing mayoress, played by Alix Korey — was the setting of the show from the first draft.

Burning Love Lyrics - All Shook Up Soundtrack

Usually, the composer of a musical has the final say in harmonic, tempo and accompaniment issues. All kinds of different civil rights issues are again in play.

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Just to make sure you don't think he's Elvis, the dark haired, square-jawed, impossibly handsome Jackson will have blond hair as Chad, when the show bows Dec. Dec 02, If music is the food of love, as Shakespeare said, then the characters of All Shook Up, the new Broadway bound musical, are lining up for a lavish buffet.

You're looking at this body of work and you're saying, 'How can it be dramatized? Things gets "all shook up" in a very square town in a very square state when Chad shows up and romances chilly Miss Sondra played by Leah Hocking via the go-between "Ed," who is really Natalie played by Jenn Gambatese in disguise.

Burning Love

I listened to this music over and over again. First, I took his 20 or 25 big hits, then I took songs that were theatrical and would play on stage.

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I feel all too often in this town that producers and authors don't take their time, don't give the process time.

Cheyenne Jackson leads the company of All Shook Up during an open rehearsal. In this case, there's no composer present and I'm making musical decisions with the director and book writer. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the s' issues are as alive today as they were then. Jameschallenge the expectation of racial separation when they fall in love.

Burning Love lyrics

This all came from Joe. What if this music comes to this town and makes everybody not able to not fall in love. The story came from the music.

Photo by Aubrey Reuben Those who think the new musical by writer Joe DiPietrodirector Christopher Ashley and musical director Stephen Oremus is only about songs made popular by Elvis Presley, will be surprised to learn that Shakespearean comedies also inspired the show's plot — an original tale packed with romantic yearnings, mismatched partners, deception and disguise.