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So she is perfect where she is. But like Abby says: She has a younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler who is 7 and also dances on Dance Moms.

Kendall has the same surprise facial expression on all her dances.

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She's weird in a bad way. While all of the other dancers may have learned faster, I think she always did try her best. Her favorite styles of dance to perform are Lyrical and Tap and those are what she wins her titles for.

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She is the only dancer who ever won nationals and the dance awards. I hate you jojo.

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Maddie is born to be a performer. Maddie is so the best, she is loyal and really kind. For some reason, she won't go all the way She's just doing the choreographies fine, but nothing more.

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She was trained at another school. She is Polish, Italian and German. My desert island beauty product would also be a moisturiser - I hate dry skin!

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I love Mackenzie so much. She tries to act so modest but for enough money she would show most of her skin and call it art - boce Brynn is better then the other people who are 19 and under get your facts right Brynn is sooo underrated, I mean she was known way before the show and was even on America's got talent for a while, she deserves to be up there with Kenzie and Maddie.

Her favorite subject in school is Math and her favorite color is neon blue, pink and purple.


She doesn't throw a fit like Maddie does. Mackenzie is so cute and so talented and pretty I think she is way better then Asia I think mackenzie is better than chloe V 32 Comments 4 Kalani Hilliker Way better than everyone.

I don't understand why the moms never give her any credit. She tries all tasks assigned even if she doesn't get the best outcome, and she doesn't get mad or sad if she loses.

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But Chloe has more technique and actually has a fairly serious ballet background and training. Kendall is laziest and worst dancer ever. She is always positive tries to find the good side unfortunately because of the negative energy around her she lost her confidence but she gets through it with a smile 7 Brooke Hyland She's really flexible and has a great personality.

Ava Cota,Jojo Siwa Mini's 1: When Chloe is feeling confident, she is noticeably better. Did Abby Cheat for Maddie? Chloe's downfall is her choreography and her confidence.

Mackenzie is really more of an tumbler and Kalani has great leg flexibility, but overall Brooke is better at acro she can perform with her back as well as legs!

Maddie Ziegler

She has so much talent I'm sad too see her give it up. Kalani is the only person who would win at a real competition apart from Jojo, Asia and Sophia not sure if she's on her Her flexibility, control, feet and lines are amazing.

Paige was the eye candy she was there because she had the best body and was willing to show skin to get ratings. Sophia, you should be 1 or 2 on this list. She is really one of the best, but she is compared to others that may be better then her.

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Maddie Needs to Catch Up Season 2 Flashback Lifetime Lifetime 3 months ago After missing a rehearsal day to shoot "Drop Dead Diva," Maddie has trouble catching up with the choreography for her solo and the group dance in this clip from In high school Melissa was a cheerleader and on student council.

Watch her flexibility dances and they will blow your mind Maddie Skips Her Solo Season 2 Flashback Lifetime Lifetime 3 months ago After forgetting her dance the week before, Maddie's lack of confidence makes her too nervous to perform her solo and she sits it out in this clip from Season 2, I hope they will stay in the dance industry cause they are amazing!


But Kalani honestly has everything, she can do any kind of style and win, looks great on the stage, she is beautiful, she has a real dancer body. Maddie has a Twitter page and Instagram but does not have a Facebook. Mackenzie is way better than you jojo.