New Couple Alert: Biggest Losers Rebecca & Daniel - Oh No They Didn't! New Couple Alert: Biggest Losers Rebecca & Daniel - Oh No They Didn't!

Daniel rebecca biggest loser still dating. 'biggest loser' contestants begin dating

Their "best-case" is for all of them to stay above both lines.

Biggest Loser winners in love

The black team ends up with 1. Amanda begins by stopping the treadmill while working with Jillian and says she's going to puke. Then Liz faints while on a treadmill. Each time a person goes through another contestant's hoop, that player gets a point, and you are out at After the commercial, blue is shown finishing well ahead of the black team and they spin around to celebrate.

Her husband and kids cry when she gets home, and they hug her.

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Daniel Wright is brought to the race separate from the other contestants and introduced as a surprise to them. The medical staff comes in. Bob and Jillian visit and discover the restaurant challenge. She has lost pounds. She was so worried about what could happen and I said, 'You did your best, so whatever happens, happens.

Tracey is given time on her own to choose teams — no input from anyone else. At the weigh-in, Shay loses 17 pounds, making her the fastest woman to lose pounds.

Tracey starts stealing people from other teams! Alison then introduces cornerback Rod Woodson, wearing his Steelers jersey.

Tracey meets with Dr. Rebecca and Rudy had a heated angry exchange as he said he "does not trust her", and she asserted her trustworthiness. She says the highest weight loss daniel rebecca biggest loser still dating TBL ever is pounds, so she wants to lose at least pounds by December.

The winning team also gets a free meal at Subway. Dec 9, at 4: I fell in love with my best friend," Rebecca told reporters the day after her genie hr44 installation manual hookup aired.

The winner of the challenge wins a two-week trip to the new Biggest Loser resort in St. The contestants then go through two workouts, with both Bob and Jillian working with all contestants, rather than dividing the gym.

Liz and Amanda sit out the challenge because of injury. Bob gives a trainer tip on doing wall push-up if normal push-ups are too much, then move to a desk and then to a full push-up when you are ready.

They can also switch who's sitting on the platform, but someone has to be there the whole time.

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Dina is next and she says she is disappointed by the week and not getting on the platform; she loses 6. Julio looks like he's doing well. Rudy says that her staying may not be the best thing for the team.

Allen then goes to blue and Abby to black. Dinner A is the correct choice.

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Whoever brings the most people, wins. Daniel is next, but he lost nothing last week so he may pull a big number—he gets 11, leaving 8 pounds for Shay. She chooses Bob and says she has a "connection with Bob". Then he goes back to the end of the line.

In an over-water setup similar to a baseball diamond, the group has to navigate across a series of ever-narrowing beams. Week 5[ edit ] First aired October 13, The show starts with a temptation that resembles Wheel of Fortune meeting "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory": You go and win this.

Tracey wins, having eaten four cupcakes. Abby says going home last week and playing with her niece was the first time in a long time where she was living with her family again and not just being present.

Jillian learns that Rudy's weight gain began with the death of his older sister when he was a teen and she talks with him about it. Dina cries and is extremely thankful. In addition to the yellow line, there will also be a red line.

They decide to take everyone out for dinner. Tracey is walking on a treadmill and says she wants to be going faster, but that's all she can do.

The first contestant to step over a line will get that exchange for his or her team. At home, Dina has difficulty with her son, since she now has to help out while her husband works.

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Bob admits that "Shay needs to be here," but emphasizes that they ALL need to be here! They have to order out every single meal.

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Everyone is shocked — gasps, groans, etc. Daniel is also congratulated for meeting his goal and staying on longer than four weeks. This episode reveals that he is dating fellow contestant Alexandra, who was eliminated Week 1.

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The Blue Team loses a total of 35 pounds, or 2. Danny loses 10 pounds, and he says he's also off all his meds so he's extremely happy with double digits this week.

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Bob says it looks like Mo is panicking and that makes your injury feel worse. The contestants will need to cross on the wire using a pulley to cross the feet at a height of feet.

After one of the rotations, it appears that Mo may have overdone it and he cramps up. Share on WhatsApp Rebecca Meyer Rebecca Meyer may have lost 73 pounds on the Biggest Loser ranch, but in the weeks after her elimination she gained a boyfriend: I have no excuses anymore.

He weighed pounds at the time this episode aired. Danny's wife says she's lost 20, her dad 26, and others as well are working at losing weight. At the second weigh-in, Coach Mo represents the Purple Team by himself and is the contestant with the second largest percentage of weight lost.

Danny is first to get his box out and remove his lock, and then he goes to help Daniel.