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It performed very good, passing completely through the first box into box 2.

Paul nitro flight at the field of doom -

We can see how they stack up, both velocity and terminals with the exact same load. Just when you think you can make a guess on something Jim "Life's hard; it's harder if you're stupid" John Wayne.

Quickly to summarize things: We promised him that he would get to see and shoot things that were pretty much the stuff of dreams.

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Now you say "How is this different from a NonCon? What Powder to use for my loads? I am not sure who or what this big gr Copper bullet is.

Just curious as to how many of these "ultra-bore" rounds have been used on "ultra-game" and the results And finally a last comment… Extracted from page As you can see one to 61 inches dead straight, then veering at the end of penetration. I had not quite made it on this one.

Getting back into shooting shape!

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Good for one thing--not good for another. Next the "Crayola" bullet as Rob calls it.

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I was not very pleased with this, and to be honest I did suspect this sort of performance. However, Jeffery did introduce their Model Farquharson-based falling block, single shot rifle in specifically for the NE.

Things You Don't See Every Day: Hilarous Nitro Express Handgun Fail

My Craola tip s should scream out of the tube with that powder charge. I finished my tests yesterday afternoon with the OverKill.

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The rifles chambered for these rounds were most often side-by-side double rifles with boxlock actions made by the Jeffery Company of England. I have to get moving on some other projects, and, and, and,!

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The other to 65 only 2 inches off course. The "myth" and "reputation" of the Ultra Bores have always been "Over Blown" you might say. We have never had a NonCon penetrate so deep! The matching NonCon at extreme low velocity, still shears!!!!!!!

OK, all this talk and no terminals recently have the "Natives" on the warpath, and restless eh? One shot hit top of the box, completely sideways.

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They had a special nose that had a cavity like a torpedo nose designed to ride the water vapor bubble. While this core did penetrate deep, there is nothing to say the next one will? But honestly, I was wrong, this little gr bullet and it's smallish meplat performed FAR better than I expected it to do!

Trauma incredible, blades sheared perfect and went to as far as 12 inches! In my crude testing the penetration was very impressive.

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Originally posted by Robgunbuilder: Impact velocity of fps will turn them flat, limiting penetration on buffalo. The one bullet lost stability and tumbled at inches, backwards at 45 inches. Two lights were blown out, I can't say why, the bullet did not hit the lights, no sign of holes, fragments, nothing, just blown bulbs and broken glass everywhere.

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I was correct as well! Making one could employ a gunsmith working full-time on a single rifle for many months, even for a whole year. As I recall the deepest was one of the The only CEB 13 I've ever recovered had traversed from elephant occiput to opposite temporal bone laying just under the skin.

But as you can see at 68 inches, what does it matter? Bumping velocity up with the BBW 13 to fps at the muzzle was extreme again! All the test work was done without the muzzle brake. I did not try and match velocity and have all bullets running at fps, they fell in where they were and that is that.

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Over the next few days I will be doing more work with the mighty ! The softs are great, but very very soft. This thing hammered through the first box into the second, dead straight the entire way.

This is the same as what I tested other Kodiaks, some great, some break.