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I assume he was cast because he looks like a member of a boy band, and that Funtime are hoping to attract teenage girls in order to boost its audience.

Even MegaUpload gets a mention.

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I rubbed my eyes, thinking that I must be hallucinating. While QI feels less of a rare treat now there's the option of watching old episodes 10 times a day on Dave, new episodes are still a welcome sight, if only to keep up to date on delicious trivial titbits such as the surprising etymology for several well-known txt-speak terms.

I felt embarrassed for the cast, I felt embarrassed for the writers and I felt embarrassed for myself.

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Camp laughs guaranteed, or your money back. The sort of show where you sit at the back, so that you can creep out without anyone noticing and go to the pub — returning at the end to go backstage and tell everyone how marvelous they were.

So Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all figure in various vignettes. Newcomer David Rawle stars as the adorably hapless Martin Moone who, when not trying to give mouth-to-mouth to dead chaffinches, is trying to protect himself from the school bullies by setting his sister up with a bullier of bullies, with shambling assistance from O'Dowd's imaginary manchild friend.

Produced by some of the team behind Charlie Brooker's Wipe series, and featuring Peter Seranfinowicz as narrator, Dawson Bros Funtime might need to get out more, but it's still worth 27 minutes of your time.

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Six or seven years late? You prefer the real Piers?

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Fabulous television, thanks largely to Tom Stoppard's pitch-perfect script and beautifully judged performances, most notably Roger Allam's exasperated General Campion.

Since I also loathe both of those shows with a vengeance, I now feel a little less guilty for so quickly consigning Funtime to the comedy recycle bin.

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Funtime, a sketch show almost entirely indebted to matters online. Wasn't it a little late to be satirising Facebook? Fairport Convention, the first 45 years from left: But the item that followed, featuring Jenny Bede and Cariad Lloyd, lamely pretending to upstage each other as presenters, looked for all the world like a couple of self-conscious sixth-formers performing in an end of term review show.

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I took a deep breath and ploughed on. I have laughed at him many times in Edinburgh. The Sherlock Holmes sketch was a funny idea but way too long. A touch too twee for its own good, it's destined to be pigeonholed as the latest of Sky's ever-rolling conveyor-belt of gentle comedies, though in fairness the writing feels far sharper than yer Mount Pleasants.

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Carr's effort is likely to be a more frothy and glamorous affair, as the inescapable Gok Wan joins him for a gossip about his new dating show, while Pink performs her new single. I really, really tried to keep watching.

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Social networks may have been legitimate targets for cutting edge comedy inbut in ? Being a big fan of the broken comedy genre I tuned in eagerly, and was immediately greeted by a send-up of Facebook.

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Jonathan Wright Fairport Convention: Ali Catterall Moone Boy 9. Despite this it largely skirts the right side of funny. Read daily TV reviews on Mouthbox. I can't, however, really work out what he is doing in this show, and I don't think he can either.

The situation is compounded by Sylvia's mischief-making and Christopher's unerring ability to court dishonour through being honourable.

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Mark Jones Alan Carr: I have no idea who Chris Kendall is. An iPad designed exclusively for horses momentarily changed the shape of my long face. But after 10 minutes, curled into a ball, hiding my face behind my hands, my gag reflex became so strong that I was literally forced to switch channels.