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Philadelphia Rapid Transit ; U.

Dietz Lantern Markings

Thanks to contributors of new markings. This lantern was made in the 3rd quarter of Lantern is held at arm's length above the head. He mentions that this was a large and respected organization known by other municipal lighting experts as marking street lamps etc.

This style of lantern was most popular in the decades that spanned the Civil War. The listings on this page concern markings on lantern frames, but there are also marked globes that fit these types of lanterns.

However, there is a version with a PRR keystone tag that is believed to be legitimate, or at least this is the consensus among a number of collectors.

This type of combustion produced a brighter light than a comparably sized "hot blast" lantern. Thanks to everyone who has sent in markings!

Also, see Note 2 above. Both frames and globes etched and cast are found with this marking, including blue globes.

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There are reliable reports of a reproduction or fake Pennsylvania Railroad "barn style" lantern, which one source says is made of brass and looks newly made.

See Anthony Hobson's book, cited below, for details on the two combustion designs.

Dating Railroad Lanterns

Dietz " 2" model Footnotes: He has further observed that when lanterns with this marking have appeared in internet auctions, most have come from Southern California. Although reliable sources have been used for markings, this list may contain errors.

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To contribute new markings, please give the exact marking, including periods. Email us via the Contact Us page with this information. No guarantee is given with regard to accuracy. It's not possible to precisely pinpoint the date when fixed-globe lanterns were replaced by the removable-globe variety, although evidence suggests that the latter was introduced immediately after dating railroad lanterns Civil War.

Dietz Monarch Lanterns

Ham No 0 "Clipper" tubular lantern; P. At any rate, lanterns have enjoyed a long history with the railroad and today have become collector items for those fascinated with the railroad as a hobby.

Inspectors' lanterns were a particularly specialized type of railroad lantern, having been designed for the car inspector or "car knocker".

In a "hot blast" lantern, partially heated air was mixed with fresh air to promote combustion.

The earliest type of railroad lantern was the fixed-globe lantern, so called because the globe was cemented in a frame and could not be readily removed. Look at my non-railroad lantern section for some common mislabeled lanterns.

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Malkis 1 Comments These are: I thought it was a railroad lantern until I read an article on your web site named "Tubular Barn-Style Lanterns". We received the following comment edited: Antique Railroad Lantern Value Guide.

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While it is pretty uncommon for someone to try and fake an entire lantern. It also has info on other railroad items. Dietz lantern for New Haven Railroad.

Vintage Dietz "Monarch"Railroad Lantern : EBTH

Also, please include information on manufacturer and model number, if available. There are many factors that go into dating railroad lanterns the value of a lantern.

Founded inRCAI promotes fellowship and scholarship among collectors of the artifacts of railroad history. In a "cold blast" lantern, only fresh, cold air was fed to the flame.

Most people refer to these as barn lanterns. Dating railroad lanterns - One type of lantern, the Inspector's Lantern, does have a substantial metal body, however, it also has a globe which, for purposes here, places it in the lantern category. The hot air was delivered to the flame by the flanking tubes.

Rayo 65 model Tennessee Central Railway T. Just what this stands for is unclear. Lanterns that Lit our World: This one appears to feature its original amber globe. All markings that are contributed are confidential, and ownership information will not be disclosed under any circumstances.