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Double dating app founders, double (dating app) valuation and funding

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What if she turned out to be a stalker? There is a dark seedy side to Tinder.

Double (Dating App) Investors (3)

Our vision is to make those initial face to face encounters as easy and as natural as possible and mimic the way people meet in real life - in social situations! What was the background of the founding team before starting Double? By far the best way to meet you people.

More networking and attending events.

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He started working full time Double in September Gary has always worked for himself doing a variety of things. We prepared and practiced a lot. Sounds obvious, but it is.

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Bringing Michael Birch, founder of Bebo on as an investor and advisor. The hardest part was having to be on set at 6am then not knowing what time we were pitching at… in the end we waited 12 hours and our pitch lasted 2 hours! Women are tired of the constant messages and unsolicited misogynistic behaviour which puts them off online dating.

Double enables dating to be more fun, less awkward, and most importantly — much safer. Coincidentally my mum had encouraged me to apply a few days before… I filled out the application but never actually submitted it but when the opportunity arose we were ready.

What had been your biggest challenge to date? How did that opportunity come about?

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A recent study by the Pew Research Centre revealed that one-third of people who have used online dating have never actually What was the most useful part of your time on IncuBus class 2? Jan 13, Double: What have been your main accomplishments since IncuBus Class 2?

Seems that Double dating app has a few issues to sort out before it can take off. Opening a second office in Edinburgh. Will it become a full-fledged fight?

Double - Double Dating App app for ios – Review & Download .IPA file

What was the inspiration? Ben worked for a beauty company up in Scotland and quit his job in January to go full time on Double. Or flipping a coin? From then on, Double functions much the same as Tinder — you and your friend either swipe left or right, based on your interest and inclination to go out with other friend duos on the app.

Double is a Dating app that matches PAIRS of compatible people

We can only wish the team behind the dating app good luck! Tinder has revolutionised the facilitation of dates, however, it has not really changed the way those dates take place.

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Simply put dating is more fun with your friends. What if you feel tongue-tied with nerves on your first date? University of St Andrews graduate. Our friends were frequently using Tinder but never actually went on dates. Releasing a lite version of the Android app.