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De Niro's La Motta is a man torn between his desire for a meaningful relationship — with brother Joey, with wife Vickie — and his inability to truly connect with anyone except by brute physical force.

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Don Griffin Being Flynn in productie While he has played an Italian-American character in several films, De Niro is of only a quarter Italian ancestry. Travis Bickle The Making of Heat Robert has become an honorary Italian citizen.

The True Story of Frankenstein Propriul rol Mark Twain Prize: A Very Gilly Christmas I probably identify more with my Italian side than with my other parts.

Propriul rol The Godfather: The actor got up none the worse as Scorsese and De Niro discussed the staging of the beating Discussing the details: Robert is the son of Virginia Admirala painter and poet, and Robert De Niro, an abstract expressionist painter.

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Propriul rol Ronin Which movies do you think he excelled in? Letters Home from Vietnam Interpretarea i-a adus primul premiu al Academiei pentru Cel mai bun actor in rol secundar.

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With a reputation for meticulous research, experience and knowledge, De Niro shows his respect not only for the filmmaking process but also for the audience. Propriul rol Midnight Run - Cursa de la miezul noptii Ina jucat rolul lui Michael Vronsky salomon hookup page binecunoscutul film despre razboiul din Vietnam, "The Deer Hunter", pentru care a fost nominalizat la categoria Cel mai bun actor in rol principal.

Mai tarziu si-a continuat rolul din "Greetings" in "Hi, Mom" David Callaway Saturday Night Live: Video By Rochelle L.

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He is married to actress Grace Hightowerwith whom he has two children. Patrick Peoples The Wedding in productie Helen was born in New York.

Propriul rol Hollywood Salutes Jodie Foster: A Self Portrait However, a master of subtlety and layers, De Niro showed the dangerous, violent criminal lurking just beneath the skin, erupting brutally yet fluidly to the surface amidst a laid-back, humorous performance.

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Si-a petrecut aproape toata decada anilor 60 lucrand in studiorile teatrului si in productiile din afara Broadway-ului. Meet the Parents However, it only added to his performance of Jake LaMotta as a brute of raw power with heart and unyielding passion, a charismatic beast who was most dangerous when he was vulnerable.

Propriul rol Night and the City - Singur in cartierul boxerilor Propriul rol Premio Donostia a Willem Dafoe S-a remarcat prin felul sau de a interpreta si prin personajele sale dificile si conflictuale, dar si pentru colaborarea indelungata cu regizorul Martin Scorsese. Louis Gara Cop Land Stardust - Pulbere de stele Looking at De Niro's body of work, it's apparent that he's fascinated by the possibilities within a character's contradictory behavior, as that character searches for his own identity in an every-man-for-himself world.

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Propriul rol Star Fish of Shark Tale Wally Sleepers - Pacatele tineretii Moe Tilden Venice Report Propriul rol SNL Presents: Propriul rol Arthur et les Minimoys The Frankenstein Family David Merrill Awakenings - Revenire la viata It's a subtle — yet critical — distinction. Propriul rol Bullets Over Hollywood Propriul rol The Making of Cape Fear Leonard Lowe Goodfellas - Baieti buni Stan Harris Killer Elite Moving from the young hothead leads of the 70s and early 80s, De Niro portrayed mobster mentor Jimmy Conway with a weary mellowness.

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Propriul rol The Kennedy Center Honors: Propriul rol Wag the Dog - Inscenarea Jimmy Doyle Novecento - Propriul rol Cape Fear - Promontoriul groazei Propriul rol Analyze That - Nasul stresat Jack Byrnes Shark Tale: The scene began when De Niro, who plays real-life Teamster-turned-mob hitman Frank 'The Irishman' Sheeran in the movie, dragged a grocery store holder from behind a counter Heading out: Propriul rol De Niro: Deeply distressed by the economic devastation caused by the attacks, Rosenthal and De Niro organized Dinner Downtown.

Johnny Boy was a livewire—dangerous, charming, unpredictable, funny and frightening.

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Harry Fabian Mistress - Amanta Propriul rol Episode 1. Propriul rol Leonardo DiCaprio: Walking into every participating restaurant, De Niro personally thanked each guest for supporting New York — his devotion to the city overpowering his habitual reticence.