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This entails determining your eligibility for the schemes as we will not advise you to apply should you not be eligible for such funding.

If european social fund tenders dating consortium of Providers is formed to tender for this Provision, a lead contractor must be nominated.

DWP may increase the volume of referrals where there is an increased demand and where additional funding is made available by the Managing Authority.

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Guidance as to which scheme am radio receiver online dating suits your enterprise will also be provided.

Our directors and advisors have worked in the EU Funding area and previously within the Ministry managing the Grant Schemes for over ten years which benefits our clients as we will provide guidance based on our experience within this field.

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We lead you all the way with expert advice built on eight years of experience in the Managing Authority, dealing with all the relevant Authorities involved in the management and control system of European Funds — the European Commission, Certifying Authority, Intermediate Bodies, Audit Authority, Treasury, Department of Contracts, public entities, private and voluntary organisations, local government, unions and civil society.

The contract value is 4 GBP and there is a requirement for a minimum of 1 Participants to start on this provision. Legal, economic, financial and technical information III.

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All contract values provided within this Contract Notice are indicative contract values. Estimated value excluding VAT: The primary focus of the Provision will be on economically inactive people who are not fully supported or engaging with the support offered by existing employment programmes.

Reinforcing the social inclusion of disadvantaged people with a view to their sustainable integration in employment and combating all forms of discrimination in the labour market, in particular by promoting.

Suppliers will be assessed against the selection and exclusion criteria as detailed within the ITT.

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If successful, DWP will contract with the lead contractor, who in turn must contract with other Providers within the consortia unless the consortium is a legal entity in its own right, in which case, DWP will contract with the legal entity.

For further details on the schemes and application process you may contact us on justine europeanfunds. Under the current Programming Period forthese schemes are being managed and issued by the Measures and Support Division which falls under the remit of the Ministry for European Affairs.

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Enhancing access to employment and the sustainable inclusion in the labour market of job seekers and inactive people, preventing unemployment, in particular long-term and youth unemployment, encouraging active ageing and longer working lives, and increasing participation in the labour market, in particular by promoting.

These are available to private enterprises, namely SMEs.

European Social Fund

DWP also reserves the option to extend the contract for up to a further 2 years. Parent company guarantees, performance bonds or deposits may be required in appropriate circumstances. The Provider will therefore need to have met relevant security requirements when contracts go live.

DWP will also have the option to extend the contract for up to a further 2 years, subject to satisfactory performance of the contract and availability of funding. The Provision will be a package of tailored employment and employability support which will increase the economic activity of the eligibility groups that it is aimed at.

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The value of this contract is estimated to be 4 GBP for a minimum of 1 starts DWP may increase the volume of referrals where there is an increased demand and additional funding is made available by the Managing Authority.

ESF Objectives The ESF shall contribute to the priorities of the Community as regards strengthening economic and social cohesion by improving employment and job opportunities, encouraging a high level of employment and more and better jobs.

It shall do so by supporting Member States' policies aiming to achieve full employment and quality and productivity at work, promote social inclusion, including the access of disadvantaged people to employment, and reduce national, regional and local employment disparities.

European Union Programme

There will be a further 64 week payment tail. Actions Increasing adaptability of workers, enterprises and entrepreneurs with a view to improving the anticipation and positive management of economic change, in particular by promoting.

Service delivery under this contract is expected to commence in December and continue until November Attendance on the Provision will be voluntary for Participants.

Our Services At EuropeanFunds. Please refer to the Invitation to Tender documents, which are available to download from https: To date six grant schemes have been published which include: