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He would do this properly, and 'date' her as his nakama in the guild told him he should do first before having sex, even though Natsu cared about Lucy so much already and was ready to start a future with her. A tale of love, despair, betrayal and friendship - Forgotten Memories.

Don't you trust me, Lucy? She smiles at him before slowly unzipping the front of her white and blue shirt, revealing a strip of creamy skin.

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My first lemon one-shot so please don't be too harsh on me! She looks at Natsu and says, "She's watching me, isn't she? Lucy squeaks as she realizes he was right, closing her legs quickly to hide that she was already getting horny at his hot touch.

I-if I said something to upset you-" He is cut off by her lips coming up to meet his and his onyx eyes go wide. Her eyes widened but soon relaxed as she knelt into the kiss.

Natsu x Lucy text post. "Bored". Fairy Tail. Fanfiction.

When he stops the lick she looks confused again. Lucy raises an eyebrow at her partner's odd behavior and gets off of her bed. I can't believe an hour ago I could only dream marriage not dating yeo reum doing this with Lucy… He thought to himself as suddenly latches onto the nipple his mouth was working on and sucks on it gently, drawing heavy moans out of the young woman beneath him.

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Natsu pouts and says, "First of all, I do not sound anything like that. I really think they belong togther, so, i wrote this!

But of course, he controlled this insane urge and just laid there, beet red and laughing. Wendy ran up, and gasped at what she saw.

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Is Gray really going to make a move on Lucy? She got out of the bath and wrapped a perfectly clean towel around her body, but before she opened the door she prepared herself mentally for the Dragon Slayer that she knew would be there. She was running out of magic power, but, she wouldn't let Lucy die.

He learned that she liked the right side of the bed and liked to write in her novel for an hour before sleeping.

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She breaks their lip lock and says to him in a breathless sort of voice, "N-Natsu, how long have you felt this way about me? When he had first started to feel these feelings and urges, he was frightened and disgusted with himself.

Natsu's hands, which had been clutching her hips with so much force, go limp and fall onto the bed beneath the couple, and Lucy's rear-end comes crashing back down on the bed.

Natsu was prepared, he knew it from the day she gave up her memories that she would have forgotten Fairy Tail, her friends, and him-her best friend But it was the things that took longer to learn that would surprise people. He moans loudly as he nears his orgasm, and Lucy does the same, signaling she was just about there.

What will Natsu do to win Lucy back?

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Mirajane suddenly looks up and says, "I am doing fine…how are you two doing? He buries himself as far as he can in her, so desperately wanting more of her, and she gasps loudly. Natsu looks up at her eyes for approval, and Lucy nods faintly, almost scared by what he might do. Wendy put her hands on Lucy's arm.

Lucy and Natsu's Fake Relationship, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

I thought I made it pretty obvious! I'm far too selfish for that, Natsu. At this sight Lucy's big eyes blink rapidly in surprise and she takes a step back.

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If she blushed anymore she might die from a nosebleed!