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We based it off your Fayflirts details. Pinky prepares to take her to bed; unfortunately, while he's in the bathroom getting changed, she falls asleep.

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Pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. Her goes to get the car. Fay and some of the other kids enter dancing like "cool cats" "Where Did the Night Go? Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Itchy performs a rousing number that he hopes will both draw out Teddy and win Fay back "Don Jose".

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Itchy decides that he has got to get some new social ideas that will excite the girls. In return, she gives him a kiss, and in a jealous fit, Chick pushes Pinky into the pool. She's too ashamed of the way things have gone. Unfortunately, Fay ends up kissing Muscles at the end of the fayflirts.

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They then her campus dating that the girls have spent the whole night dancing to Be-Bop records in the music library. Teddy's friend Fay, a screwball blonde, meets her and takes her under her wing. Chick quickly convinces the reluctant Teddy to dance with him just as Kandel enters.

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If she's engaged, she should act like it. He decides to have a candlelight evening in the social hall. Teddy then meets Itchy Flexner, the social director who does it all: He asks her out and plans on cheering for her in the contest.

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Everyone leaves except for the spurned Itchy who watches Fay ride off on Muscles' shoulders. She listens to the other girls speculate that tonight could be the night they fall in love, looks at her ring finger, and starts crying "Could Be". Unfortunately, his plan backfires when the Social Hall catches fire.

And she returns the sentiment in kind "Flattery". Camp host Lou Kandel gives the new comers, mostly women, the rundown of the place; first, he introduces the waiters, mostly college men.

Then he tells everyone the two rules - Camp Karefree cares for you, and when the lights flicker the girls go to the girls' side and the boys go to the boys' "Camp Karefree Song".

Walking through the woods, Chick and Teddy hear the band playing the song Chick sang in the waiter's show last year. Enter Teddy Stern, a young woman soon to be wed to a stuffy, older man: Next, Muscles comes over and asks Itchy for advice on wooing a girl.

Itchy has a jealous fight with Muscles over Fay.

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Teddy stops by Pinky's cabin ostensibly to pick up an umbrella, but he has other ideas. When Teddy asks what has come over him, Chick reveals that he loves Teddy. He spikes Teddy's drink and attempts to take advantage of her "Relax".

This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. Teddy spots Chick escorting a new girl to her cabin and informs him that she's leaving.


It's obvious that she doesn't want to go, but Chick does nothing to stop her. When the waiters arrive the girls rush inside excitedly to dance with them. He's aloof, but polite. Chick enters the bunk with Teddy's engagement ring, and finding her there, attempts to force the ring on her finger.

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Teddy, upset at seeing Chick humiliated, pushes Pinky into the pool. Teddy gives a kiss to Chick and gets in the car and leaves with Herman. The scene shifts to the locker room for the waiters listlessly wipe the water glasses and reflect on what they have to do to put themselves through school "Bright College Days".

The next morning outside the social hall, Herman has come to bring Teddy home.

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He just loves to entertain "Social Director". Kandel is so mad at Itchy that he demotes him to Boat House Boy and puts Muscles in charge of all social events.

A week later, Muscles is exhausting everyone on the athletic field. Fay flirts with Muscles and Itchy gets increasingly jealous. She breaks up the fight.