Baby Boy Names That Start With K Baby Boy Names That Start With K

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This name varies greatly between different countries and cultures. It took a break for a while as it ranks in at number 1, but some believe after some time off, the name Kathleen could definitely rise to popularity and the top of the charts again. Today it is growing in popularity and standing on its own as a girl's name.

The name Kay made a comeback in popularity over the past year moving up 2, spots on Babycenter's most popular name list. It can also be spelled Kellie or Kelley.

Letter K - Girl Baby Names

Init was one of the fastest rising names, but flip flops back and forth entering and falling from the Top names. Some others are Caren and Carin. There are Katherine's who are legislators, actresses, dancers, writers, and Duchesses.

There are many different spellings and variations that show that. The name Katarina means "pure. Kyra Phillips is an American news reporter. As ofit ranks in at number on Babycenter's list. It means "dark goddess," "energy," or "black one. Maybe it was the hurricane association but the name Katrina's popularity has been dropping and still is.

Girl Baby Names Beginning with the letter K

There are also many athletes with this name as well. It means "light one" or "fair one. Along with being a more one-of-a-kind name, the name Kaylyn also has some pretty sweet meanings.

Keryn, Karyn, Karren, Karon, Carryn. The princess of Yugoslavia is also named Katarina.

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It shares the meanings of pure and virginal. This goddess depicts the natural cycle of life and death. It is a less used variation though. It rose in popularity, coming up 97 spots since They also both mean "young green shoot.

It is pronounced usually as "KEER-a.

Baby names beginning with K

According to astrology, the name Klarissa is a symbol of confidence. The name first rose to popularity in the s. There is also Kendra "Keni" Harrison an American hurdler. There is Catherine, Katharine, Kathryn, and Kathrine.

Then there is Kendra Scott, an accessories designer. Karissa can also be spelled as Karessa. Many can still use it as a nickname and give their daughters the full name of Mackenzie or McKenzie.

Kara is also a jungle princess in Exciting Comics. Init ranked as number 4, They are practical, hard-working women. Kyra Mintrun Sedgwick is an American actress. Kendra seems to be a rather versatile name. Kara is more popular than its variant Cara. The name Katherine is timeless and elegant.

Now it has established itself as a female name.

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The name Kali is ranked number inup 29 spots from last year and hopefully coming into popularity. Formerly, Kendra was a female version of Kenneth or Ken.

An analysis of the name Klarissa by Themeaningofaname. Katarina Bulatovic is a Serbian Olympic handball player. It means sun, lord, and throne. Although the name Kyra sounds like Kiera or Keira, it has a different root. It comes from Irish origin. Kathleen Doyle Bates is an American actress.

All Girl Baby Names - Letter K

It is a unisex name that names "warrior" or "bright-minded. Katrina is also a popular variation of the name Katherine.

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The name Kay began not only as a variation of Katherine but also as a unisex name. According to the legend, the goddess Kali offers you a bowl of rice with one hand, has a sword in the other, and a human head in another hand.

Along with being a variation of the name Claire, Klarissa is also a variation for Clarissa with a C.

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Finally, Kendra Wecker who is an American basketball player. Those with the name Kara are often solid and dependable.

She is usually described as having four hands. There is also Katherine "Kate" Upton the well known American model. There is also the spelling of Kaylynn. The name Katherine has incredibly long standing roots and is very diverse.

That means it fell spots since the year of alone. It is still ranked rather low though at number 2, in Kendra Smith is an American musician.

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There is Kara, a Barbie doll character. There was no data for or on Babycenter's most popular name list. Katarina has quite a few connections to Eastern European royalty.

The name Kara is rather popular for children. For children though the name could be rather popular. Canterwood also features a character named Khloe Kinsella.