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Let me flirt with Harley Quin. — Telltale Community

Items you will need. September I am not really underestimating anything. After this manifested I think it developed into some form of stockholm syndrome.

Torque the axle nut to 60 to 65 foot-pounds, using flirt axle harley foot-pound torque wrench and socket. Catwoman being the one true love of Bruce's life is hardly undisputed. Or not, because Bruce respects the law and works to flirt axle harley the city from criminals who cause chaos and harm innocent people.

How to Tighten the Front Axle on a Harley by TJ Hinton All current-model Harley motorcycles utilize a front axle system that compresses a series of spacers against the bearing races within the hub.

On an FLT, push the right slider against the spacer and hold it, then torque the axle holder nuts to to inch-pounds.

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And she may reject Bruce's advances, just like Vicki did. If you replaced the front bearings or changed any of the spacers, check the runout with a magnetic-base dial indicator when you reinstall the front wheel.

I absolutely love this tendency. John Doe says that he sees something in Bruce that makes him feel as if they might be similar - a something that makes him different from other people, to go beyond the norms dictated by society - and it may be this that Harley also finds attractive On a Sportster XR, torque the pinch bolt to foot-pounds.

The animated series, the Injustice video games, her current character in the comics, etc. I said ship, not love. Tips Harley recommends applying Loctite Anti-Seize to the axle, bearing bores and the bore of the inner sleeve during the front wheel installation.

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I like all of her other … more incarnations and think they do a generally good job with those portrayals. My hope is that she isn't the broken sympathetic character she once was, I want something new. I want her to be sure of her own goals and a bit more independent, I guess.

The axle is allowed to slip through the fork sliders during the torquing process, to avoid binding the sliders and to allow the clamp load to bear evenly on the spacers. I've read that she comes from a very dysfunctional family though I don't know th … more e particulars and so maybe the sort of abuse she got from the Joker was what she either received in her own family or was what she saw as normal because of the dynamics between her parents.

Doesn't matter, I'm getting more than enough BatCat material in the last decade. On a Sportster XL, torque the axle pinch screw to 21 to 27 foot-pounds, using a foot-pound torque wrench and Allen driver.

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I guess I've limited myself by not reading the comics, but yeah, I just want to see Telltale do something interesting and different with her. She learned about the Joker's past through interviewing him as she was a psychiatrist. On a Dyna, torque the rear fastener to 10 to 14 foot-pounds, then torque the front fasteners to 10 to 14 foot-pounds.

She's been alright in some animated movies, and yeah, Injustice well, I've only played the first one.

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I guess she was just initially interested in him well his mental state and that became an obsession over time. The Joker manipulated her into feeling sympathy for him. September All I know about her origin is from the animated series.

As crazy as she became she is still trying to help the Joker in a way, or at least dislikes Batman because he tends to get in the way of the Joker's plans.

Let me flirt with Harley Quin.

September edited September My hope is that she isn't the broken sympathetic character she once was, I want something new. You know, the mother of his only biological child? September She's not in the game, but I think you're underestimating Talia when it comes to who is Bruce's true love.

It would be such a breath of fresh air. She learned about the Joker's past through interviewing him as she was a … more psychiatrist.

I'm hoping really hard that the theory about Joker and Harley's roles being inverted and her being the one who is manipulating him turns out to be true. I do not find any other Batman ships interesting in the slightest, let alone with Talia.