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I mean seriously, whether or not you think the game is good, the creators obviously overlooked these details.

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But what will you do if you meet a relentless killer? There have been far raunchier interactions between children and adults in all kinds of fiction, Family guy makes it a running joke with Stewie, South Park has definitely done it, and with explicit mentions of sex on top, even the Simpsons has done it in a more explicit fashion than anything in Undertale.

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It's coming to Nintendo Switch on its third anniversary this September 15th. Do not post about upvotes. Commonly filtered domains include Discord, Dropbox, and link shorteners. The reason nobody is calling Undertale out isn't because the makers or fans are missing anything, it seems to be because you are setting the bar for what counts as "pedophilic content" lower than even basic broadcast mainstream American Television.

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Be kind and keep your posts free of slurs. If Undertale was reality, I would be more concerned about where Akatsuki dating sim deviantart anime parent's are, but because its fiction, I don't care about his parent's because it would bog the story down, or divert the story being told.

Don't share or discuss content that is more sexually suggestive than the game itself.

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Nobody called those out as pedophilic because most people thought it wasn't, the tone and context was not meant to be sexual, and most audiences buy that as acceptable justification for fiction, that you disagree is fine, but irrelevant.

Do not pit us against outsiders. Yes, because a character sprite swaying their hips in a sexual way to flirt with a character is totally a problem that doesn't exist when that character is a child. What I tolerate in reality has little bearing on what I tolerate in fiction, its not a 1: Just because you see something, doesn't mean everyone else sees the same thing and is just purposely overlooking it.

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People can't claim it's just a joke, because that just makes it worse. Don't promote the kinds of merchandise that Toby is not okay with.

Undertale is created by Toby Fox, who is a dog. At this point, I think your definition of pedophilic content is just a hell of a lot broader than most peoples.

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It obviously wasn't too obvious, because I've played the game and have no idea what the hell you are referring to at this point. You can criticize it if you think its inappropriate, but I doubt you'll find many people here that are going to agree with your assessment.

Also, you want to be a little more specific about who is doing the hip swaying here? In that case, you may rehost and then comment with the source page and an appropriate warning about its contents.

Do you mean to tell me that if you saw that on reality, you'd just shrug it off? Especially considering you have to do that to win the game.

Blue stop signs We have six subreddit rules. They didn't overlook the detail, you seem to just be reading way more sexuality than they, or most of the fans, interpreted.

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Really, if the Simpsons can do it without mainstream America calling it out for "pedophilia" then I doubt you'll ever get any large number of people to agree with your assessment on something as innocent as Undertale.

Just downvote and hide the posts you don't like.

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Do not ask users to participate in anything that is not Undertale-based.