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You may like this girl, you may even claim to love her, but what you really love are challenges. She is the girl who has every eye on her when you walk into a club, and you feel a sense of pride, in knowing she is with you at least for tonight that is.

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She tells you her intentions from the start and holds true to them. While we all may like the challenging girls, who keep us on our toes; remember it will be the unicorn girlfriend who while be at the alter on your wedding day.

If anyone of your friends utters unkind words about her reputation, you choose not to believe it. She is honest with you.


She tells you all these things that not only makes you confident in her, but yourself as well. It makes us feel better when and if we win.

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By Kirsten Corley We are all drawn to a little bit of trouble. She has her own life, a life in which you are a part of but not the whole thing.

We like the girl who keeps us on our toes. She seems to be like a creature created out of a Harry Potter film, she is the unicorn girlfriend, you rub your eyes looking to see if she is real.

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She comes through with her promises.

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We like the girl who is mysterious. Special Events For no extra fee, subscribers get access to more than a dozen events yearly, from intimate dinners to larger gatherings with marquee speakers.

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We like the girl, we know we have to compete for. You want to believe you can be the guy to change her.

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We like trying to figure things out, like a complicated puzzle and winning, we like knowing we earned the W. Log in here What Is The Information?

She adds to positivity in your life and stability. Slack community Discuss topics and current events with our subscriber-only Slack group and share news about your company with other subscribers. And then one day after much over analyzing, turning into this paranoid person you never were before, you cross paths with a different type of girl.

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She is intelligent and adds to the conversation, which makes you like her even more. Receive original reporting, stories, and exclusives you won't read anywhere else from the largest newsroom in tech.

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She can hang with the guys or go to your fancy dinner party at the last minute. Access the best reporting on the tech industry read by tens of thousands of global executives.

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