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We will never disclose your information to others. Any account is regarded strictly personal and may not be sold or given to any other person. Click here to start. Teams must play in their natural leagues the league matching the location the team is played from.

Galactik Football

We store your email-address and your current and recent ip-addresses securly on our servers in Oslo, Norway, behind a firewall and our internal security system. This means you may not trade players with colleagues, family-members, classmates etc. Manager acknowledges that any funds are non-refundable, in example, but not limited to, any purchased and unused credits.

Any account not used for a periode of 2 months, can be deleted without warning. This service is meant for pure entertainment, and entertainment only.

Galactik Football

As we have only cfa level 1 books in bangalore dating email and ip, the repsonse will contain exactly that.

If you wish to be completely deleted from our system, you must file a support-ticket from inside the game and ask to be deleted. However, there is no exchange of personal information, and Google does not see your email-address and does not store your IP-address. If your team is removed from the game for inactivity or violation of these rules, all unspent credits will be removed instantly.

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The exception of this rule is the International League. If there is a natural league for you: User may not create or access more than 1 account, whatever the reason. What is considered foul or provoking is at the sole discretion of FS, FS staff, or the volunteers selected to handle such work.

Any legal complaints will be settled in the court Byretten in Oslo, Norway. Registration is free of charge and takes but a minute! We just cannot stress enough how important this is!

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Werbung We can bring your message to football-addicts from all over the world. Before you start playing We use cookies only to verify your session to make sure you see YOUR data, and noone elses. We do not sell, trade or give your information to others.

If you break any of the rulesyou can find your club financially fined, reset you need to start from the beginning or in worst case you can even get thrown out of the game! Violations of these rules will lead to account-closure.

In certain parts of ManagerLeague or other affilliated websites under the ML-website, User may upload pictures or other content.

Galactik Football

If you wish to see exactly what is stored about you, you must file a support-ticket from inside the game and ask for it.

We will allow teams to play here. We take your privacy very seriously. The game is totally free of charge and the registration is quite simple, so you can start playing the game in just a few minutes!

Please send a mail to if you have questions or want a quote. You will not be able to play the game at all from that point on. Please note that the interpretation of the rules, type and amount of fines, decisions to ban managers and all other things directly or indirectly linked to the rules are solely in the domain of the game administrators that are making sure the game is fair for every manager involved!

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We do not sell or share your data and we have a track-record going back to to prove it. Read the guide for new football managers If you want to start climbing towards the stardom without learning a hard lesson or two, then we strongly suggest you read the guide for new managerswhere all the common traps that resulted in downfall of many new managers are listed and explained.

You must register an account before you can start managing your club. Please keep all advertising-requests in English.

In the spirit of Fair Play, it is considered against the rules to lose games intentionally Match Fixing. Should the User obtain account-information about any other account, User must report this to FS as soon as possible, through a support-ticket.

If you for some reason think you should be allowed to donate credits to a Users who falls into this category, you need to ask, and receive permission in a support-ticket. Such emails can be regarding system changes, scheduled downtime, technical problems and important events, related directly to the ML website, services and affiliates.

Your ip-addresses are used to keep the game fair and to help us detect cheating. If your team is forcibly moved due to point A, we will not move you to International but to your natural league. FS strives to ensure a live vibrant community and will purge inactive members on a regular basis.