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Ùˆbungen zur geologischen Karteninterpretation

The arrow is oriented in the downgoing direction of the linear feature the "trend" and at the end of the arrow, the number of degrees that the feature lies below the horizontal the "plunge" is noted.

For more information on the map development and datasets see the geology resource page Hydrogeology The hydrogeology map below shows a simplified version of the type and productivity of the main aquifers at a national scale see the hydrogeology Map resource page for more details.

Orientations of planes are often measured as a "strike" and "dip", while orientations of lines are often measured as a "trend" and "plunge". References References with more information on the geology and hydrogeology of Egyptcan be accessed through the Africa Groundwater Literature Archive.

Edit Rock units are typically represented by colors.

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Trend and plunge are used for linear features, and their symbol is a single arrow on the map. Hydrogeology of Egypt at 1: Return to the index pages. More information on the hydrogeology of Egypt is available in the report United Nations see References section, below.

For more information on how the map was developed see the hydrogeology map resource page Transboundary aquifers For further information about transboundary aquifers, please see the Transboundary aquifers resources page.

More information is available in the report UN see References section, below.

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Orientations Edit Geologists take two major types of orientation measurements using a hand compass like a Brunton compass: Further water and related statistics can be accessed at the Aquastat Main Database. Different geologic mapping agencies and authorities have different standards for the colors and symbols to be used for rocks of differing types and ages.

The angle that the bed makes with the horizontal, along the dip direction, is written next to the dip line. Environmental and Social Management Framework Summary]. Instead of or in addition to colors, certain symbols can be used.

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They are the most recent available information in the Aquastat database. Geology of Egypt at 1: More information on the derivation and interpretation of these statistics can be seen on the FAO Aquastat website.

Groundwater in North and West Africa: The major groundwater systems in Egypt are Aquastat: In term of abstractions, it provides about 85 percent of the total groundwater abstractions in the country AfDG Africa Development Bank Group, April Strike and dip symbols consist of a long "strike" line, which is perpendicular to the direction of greatest slope along the surface of the bed, and a shorter "dip" line on side of the strike line where the bed is going downwards.