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In Turkish the name means 'stone'. In Hopi Indian this name means 'wise child' or 'willow'.

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What is kaya skin clinic? Once you have the shovel, dig the hole with it and you will get the Ebony Elephant. Then, you need to get the shovel on Giza. The shovel get a blue flower from Blue Nile Falls, trade it for a turban at Nabooti, and go to Giza wearing the turban.

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Kaya, in the first place, it's a name, "The name Kaya has several different origins and meanings. Get the blue flower from the Blue Nile Falls, trade it for the turban at Nabooti, put it on and the guy in the turban in Giza will give you the shovel.

To get the shovel, you need to get the desert turban and then a guy that looks like a ninja will give you a shovel. Where is kaya island on nabooti island?

How do you get to kaya forests on Nabooti island?

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Before going to the Kaya Forests, you need two items from other locations. On kaya forest what is the turtle shell for? How do you contact Kaya Scodelario? Take the elephant to Nabooti, where you can swap it for the fingo.

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I have Turkish origin but I live in Australia. Does kaya scodelario have a boyfriend?

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The green jewel can be obtained at the Kaya Forests. Solo a terceros online dating spirits of the Kaya Forests have the Green Jewel.

Found in the Mountains of the Blue Moon. Dig up the spot where the turtle was, and you will receive an ebony elephant.

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Trade the elephant for the Fingo at the trade stand in Nabooti, bring the Fingo to the spirits and they will reward you with the green jewel.

Where can I buy Kaya jam in Queensland? Give that to the tutle. Hi my name is Kaya! You can also dig up a sacred elephant relic under the tortoise, which you will trade at Nabooti for the lost "fingo".

You will need the Opuntia fruit from the Mountains of the Moon, and the shovel from Giza before you go to the Kaya Forest. There isn't an island.

Hazal Kaya

Use the Opuntia Fruit to lure the tortoise, then dig where he was sitting. In the Mountians of the Moon there is a opuntia fruit cactus pear. At the Kaya Forests, you will find a gold nugget in a palm tree that you can trade for a camera.

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In Japanese this name comes from an expression meaning 'home, yew tree, rock'. Return to the Kaya Forests then dig up an elephant. Get the island map from the totem guide at the Museum, then fly the plane east left where you will find the Blue Nile Falls, the Mountains of the Moon, and the Kaya Forests.

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The spirits of the forest will wake up and ask you to bring them a Fingo. You will uncover the Ebony Elephant. Then get a shovel in Giza.

The Kaya Forests are a location on the island, one of the spots to find a hidden Nabooti jewel.

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First, you need the shovel and the cactus fruit. Perfect for breakfast toast: In Zulu the name Kaya means 'home'.

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Then the people in the Kaya Forests will give you the green jewel. Jump up high to get the gold nugget and trade that in at Nabootigold nugget for a camera and the elephant for a fingo.

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What do you do in kaya forests on Nabooti Island poptropica? I am currently the World Maths Day Champion. What do you do in the Kaya Forest on Nabooti Island? Return the fingo to the spirits and you will receive the Green Jewel. You can get the best tasting Kaya Coconut Jam from www.

According to her Twitter she spent two weeks over Christmas in Barbados with fellow actor Elliott Tittensor, and they probably weren't doing fieldwork on tropical fish.

Who is kaya on nabooti island? It can also mean 'forgiveness'.

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Kaya, India's foremost chain of skin care clinics, was launched with the single-minded objective of delivering flawless skin, using the latest technology available around the world. The Opuntia Fruit cactus pear from the Mountains of the Moon.

You will also awaken the spirits of the forest, who are seeking their lost "fingo", a vase-shaped talisman. In the Kaya Forests, use the cactus fruit and the giant turtle will wake up and come eat it.

To get it, you have to get the "opunita" fruit or cactus fig and give it to the turtle you will not see itand he will reveal a very small hole. KayaScodelario is an English actress.