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He is shocked and disheartened to see that he is still very much overweight.

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Toothy is decapitated when a large barbell falls on his neck. Now Disco Bear begins exercising. Disco Bear zlamana strzala online dating the cafe, and seeing Lumpy on the ground, takes some money out of his pocket and tosses them in Lumpy's cup, believing that he is a beggar.

Lumpy's attempt to slow down his wheelchair sliding down a hill results in him losing both of his arms due to the friction. The treadmill breaks through the glass walls of the gym, sending Disco Bear out into the streets with glass shards flying in the air. Disco Bear and Lumpy begin moving downhill at a fast speed.

He sees Hypto facto flirting Bear coming at him and quickly begins wheeling away.

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When Disco Bear dances in his bathroom, he slides near the sink. Suddenly, Disco Bears' treadmill passes by and crushes Cub into a bloody mess, leading to a distressed Pop yelling at his blunder. Pop should have suffered a death similar to Handy's When Lumpy drinks his coffee, it's brown, but when he spits it out it's a dark shade of purple.

Feeling blue, he throws the banana peel on the floor.

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When Pop is done, Cub instantly begins to play. Unfortunately, the treadmill sends chunks of concrete towards Handy. The weight Toothy is lifting becomes too much for him, and he is decapitated when the weight falls on his neck.

As a result, the treadmill starts moving backwards, and the speed just keeps on increasing. Unfortunately, the friction created by the wheelchair causes Lumpy's arms to break off.

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Handy then sighs in relief and cheers at his luck, ignoring the fact that his friends are dead. When Lifty and Shifty stole the meat, they didn't swing back. He then boogies on over to his bathroom scale to weigh himself and is shocked to find the needle pointing in the red zone, in other words, he is overweight.

Is it time to whip Disco Bear into shape?

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Petunia and Giggles make fun of Disco Bear by calling him a square and start giggling loudly at him before leaving. Lumpy's wheelchair is crushed after hitting the stone wall.

Lifty has his regular black dots for eyes when he runs onscreen, but when he jumps on the meat, he has pac-man eyes.

However, Lumpy did grimace while this occured.

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Uninterested, they just roll their eyes and sigh, trying to ignore him. Eventually, they slam into the small stone wall, crushing Lumpy and sending Disco Bear flying through the air. Lumpy and Disco Bear are slapped with numerous tree branches, even though they aren't near any trees.

When Handy falls dead, his hat doesn't fall off.

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Disco Bear constantly twists Lumpy's head to change the direction on Lumpy's wheelchair, making slight cracks to his neck. Survival Rate Amount of surviving main characters: He drinks some water from a sports bottle, but accidentally spills water on the treadmill's controls after another failed attempt of trying to impress Giggles and Petunia.

Disco Bear's treadmill breaks apart the sidewalk. Unfortunately, Cuddles, the driver of the car, is distracted by this and crashes into a tree, where his body is forced through a knothole. On the sidewalk, Nutty, Handy, and Russell stand next to each other.

Unless they detached it and landed away In the gym, just after Disco Bear spills water over the treadmill's controls, there is no anchor point securing the treadmill to the floor.