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Ice speedway bikes have no brakes and just 2 gears to facilitate starts, and racing is staged on frozen verzorgenden online dating, flooded oval stadium tracks or speed-skating rinks, primarily in Scandinavia, - Sweden and Finland -plus North and Eastern Europe, - Germany, Czech Republic and Russia -though Netherlands also stages a round of the World Championship Grand Prix, the "FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators" series, at a speed skating venue.

The UK continued to have rider representation each year, accumulating more than a dozen ever-changing speedway names up to the mid-'70s, after which time Bruce Cribb, another New Zealander riding on a UK licence, was more often a lone Brit. He is remembered by many in the UK for the lap record attempts he undertook on British dirt tracks, beating speedway record times at 16 venues, often by several whole seconds, cornering at angles never previously seen by British supporters.

Finland also stages cc Ice Speedway championships as well as Ice Racing Short-track championships.

He appeared on the World Championship podium in and '79, and also reached the speedway World Final inthe year that he joined Exeter Falcons in the British League. Following partition the Czech championship was an Open event with Western riders taking places on the podium.

Antti Aakko in8x Champion Rt: The one national championship staged for the Austrian title was an event in won by Zorn. Over more than 3 decades of parallel championships just 3 riders managed the undisputed position of being double National and Union title holder in the same year, - Tarabanko, '74; Bondarenko, '79; Nistcenko, '88 -the honours being otherwise evenly distributed amongst the ice warriors of egalitarian USSR.

Aakko was also Nordic Ice Champion in and '10, but against the Russians in the European forum has managed only a bronze medal. Such motors were fitted 'laid down' at one stage but most riders have reverted to upright mounting, and also found 2-valve engines more appropriate, as ice speedway motors require a completely different torque characteristic to that of a conventional speedway motor: New Zealand born Bruce Cribb raced UK speedway for more than 20 years, and competed in ice speedway events for a similar, briefly broken, 20 years, from the s to plus a comeback as a member of the GB Team in the Berlin Semi-Final along with Steve Smith and Graham Halsall.

For indoor events such as at Telford's 'speedway-on-ice' see Supplement below. One of several dirt- and grass- riders from the Fens and from Yorkshire that took to ice speedway around this time, - Hughes JoeGreer, Wyer, Boocock Eric -Ross was a successful grass track and speedway rider with Peterborough at the time, having been UK cc Grass Champion in before captaining the first ever Panthers side in and topping their score chart until a broken leg the following season curtailed his riding career.

Rider protection, as well as the usually body armour includes calf and knee pads, - the cut rubber car tyres of the past now replaced with purpose leg mouldings -and armadillo-type gloves are popular.

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Goldi's performances have been particularly exceptional as, having lost a leg in a road accident he races with a stump rather than using his prosthetic limb.

Racing on machinery tuned by former Wolverhampton and Oxford rider Hasse Holmqvist, Posa, at 69 years of age called it a day in February, In the '80s Jarmo Hirvasoja scored 5 consecutive wins amongst his total of 7 championships, but he was better'd by the 8 titles gained by Antti Aakko over the past 2 decades.

He later moved to Birmingham until being fatally injured in a Grass Track event in Holland in Today he's a respected FIM official and meeting referee. Joe Hughes, Grass-tracker to Panthers speedway inductee with Ross inwhom he replaced on Ice in '72, subsequently to become major equipment supplier to riders in all spheres.

Whilst Kadirov had more successes on the World stage, Samorodov won the Russian national title 5 years on the trot along with 4 Union titles, being concurrent champion in '61, '62 and ' Veteran Per-Olaf Serenius, aka "Posa", below left.

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In the '60s and '70s two riders, Bernt Hornfeldt and Kurt Westlund monopolised the Swedish title with 7 championships each until, in a new name appeared on the silverware that would recur over the next 3 decades. Uzzell found it necessary to live in Sweden to avail himself of rides and practice opportunity: The combined fold-up rear trim and seat moulding makes access speedy and simple, even at the track-side.

Nikolai Krasnikov, having taken the Russian U21 title at 16, was able to add the World Championship as well as the national senior title 4 years later when just turned These 2 alternative forms of ice racing are not covered here, but see Supplement below.

Stefan Svensson below, centre has taken 7 national and 3 Nordic titles, but his son Niklas Svensson was the champion.

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The Russian exception is due in part no doubt to the existence of supportive training programmes and, sincea national 'Junior Ice Championship', plus the weather conditions that pertain in the central land mass to give a more extended riding season than elsewhere, that in turn brings about their successes on the international scene and the Grand Prix series.

Mild weather caused several subsequent cancellations, Martin Haarahitunen, the Swede with the Finnish name, taking the title to add to his national title that year. Since standing alone, Russia's riders Balashov and Vitaly Khomitsevitch have each achieved 4 national championship wins, the formers' being consecutive, but both have been topped in the last decade by World Champ Nikolai Krasnikov's 7 state titles.

Both still made the top 8 in the 'Ice Warriors' World championship Grand Prix series, the only non-Russians to do so. The extended frame bikes are fitted with spiked tyres, 28mm spikes, and in the front and rear tyres respectively, as opposed to conventional speedway machines The forces exerted on the extended wheelbase cycle frame are more severe in ice racing and hence a rigid framework is essential, - laydown engines reduce this -so substantial structures with duplex down-tubes, as seen below, are the norm today.

When a Swedish Ice Speedway League was set up post-War a number of National League riders including Ken Adams and Cyril Rogers traveled there to ride for Swedish teams but it was former Sheffield and Ashfield rider Bruce Semmens pictured right, that had the greatest success, and he rode widely in Scandinavia, to be acclaimed the best of the UK dirt riders that tried out the spiked sport in those early times.

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After the war an Ice Speedway league was introduced, and continues today, whose teams included many British dirt ridersand annual national championships followed. Zorn and fellow countryman Harold Simon have been the only riders to pose any serious threat to the East Europeans in this competition.

In the mid-'80s he was joined by participants from other spheres of motorcycling, e. He went on to become Swedish Champion inand World number 2 in that same year.

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Ivan Mauger, along with his Newcastle Kiwi team-mate Goog Allen, participated in the '67 qualifiers but failed to progress beyond the entry stage, coming in at a lowly 16th place at Novosibirsk. Shown right; Sweden v.

RUSSIA - USSR As with speedway, Ice Speedway racing in Russia and the USSR started in earnest around with immediate concurrent national championship events, and its most successful ice riders of the time, Boris Samorodov and Gab Kadirov, also represented their nation on the dirt tracks, where the former just missed the Wembley rostrum in with a 4th place, to be repeated at Ullevi in the following year.

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See World Championship table.