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The fuel is natural uranium in the form of sintered uranium dioxide pellets sheathed in thin zirconium alloy tubes to form solid fuel elements about Regular environmental radiation testing is carried out both at Kanupp, and in the kanupp tenders dating of Karachi, according to Mr Rashid.

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Samples are also taken from about other randomly selected sites in the city, according to Mr Rashid. The International Atomic Energy Agency has monitored the reactor metro radio dating games its construction.

Other distinguishing features are once-through, on-power bidirectional fueling, reactor shutdown by moderator dump, and a reactor building designed for total containment of any pressure resulting from an accident.

Kanupp first ran on locally-produced nuclear fuel bundles in The major parts of the power plant, i. The PAEC rated the efficiency of the plant at The old bulk oil circuit breakers and electromechanical protective relays have been replaced with the latest SF6 circuit breakers and modern numerical line protection devices.

Canadian officials later stated that the reactor would be shut down in six months. Other countries with CANDU-type nuclear reactors are now also planning life extensions for their facilities. The plant resumed operations in If work had gone according to plan, the new Kanupp-II facility would be ready in time to replace the now aging Kanupp-I plant, which is set to be decommissioned in The moderator system consists of the calandria, coolers, pumps and purification system in the heavy water circuit, and control valves, dump valves and helium blowers in the helium circuit.

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The project, implemented mainly between Dec and Janincluding upgrades to emergency systems, reactor regulating computers, fuel systems, a seismic hazard reassessment as well as the replacement of several dozen pumps and motors and the inspection of other parts. Future[ edit ] KANUPP came into commercial operation in and after completing its 30 years of design life was shut down on December 6, Kanupp was originally commissioned inwith a year life, but after a life extension project carried out between and and again duringthe plant was given 15 extra years of operational life.

With the power crisis in the country continuing, the PPP-led coalition government is holding up work on finalisation of plans to construct a new 1,MW nuclear power plant in Karachi, preferring instead to focus on other nuclear projects, Dawn has learnt reliably. Sea-water is used to cool the nuclear reactor, and is fed back into sea after being treated.

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Officials are quick to clarify, however, that that rating is based on the entire lifetime of the plant, and that Kanupp has remained shut down for long periods due to both the life extension project, and the nuclear embargo imposed on Pakistan in Well-placed sources at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission say that the signing of agreements with foreign countries on the new plant was to begin inbut the government has so far shown little interest in the project, preferring instead to focus on the Chashma-III and IV projects which will provide MW each.

History[ edit ] Since independence from United Kingdom inPakistan had repeatedly suffered energy crises that have contributed to the country's economic slowdown. Nuclear Engineering Training Center[ edit ].

The new power plant would be built at the site of the current Kanupp plant, near Paradise Point, just outside Karachi.

The water is not drained into the ocean, according to plant officials, and the method is international-recognised as being an effective means of containing any radiation from spent nuclear fuel bundles.

Nuclear power projects tend to be relatively cheap to run, but involve very high initial costs. He said the radiation levels at all of these sites have so far been absolutely normal, with no dangerous readings.

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Pakistan media then speculated that in the absence of Canadian officials, the city would suffer a major power blackout. PAEC spokesman Tariq Rashid told Dawn that preliminary reports for the Kanupp-II project had already been carried out and land had been allocated by the Sindh government for the purpose.

The Nuclear Reactor Building contains the entire reactor system and auxiliaries, and consists of a pre-stressed concrete cylindrical wall, a hemispherical segmental dome of pre-stressed concrete, and a concrete base slab.

The emergency was lifted seven hours later, after the leak was reportedly brought under control.

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While no specifications have so far been issued, Anwar Ali, the chairman of the PAEC, during his last visit to Karachi said the capacity of the plant is to be greater than 1,MW.

Mr Rashid declined to comment further on the matter. Performance indicators have since validated the intended objectives of the project vis-a-vis discriminative functioning of the protection system against disturbances in KESC power system for stable operation of KANUPP.

Spent nuclear fuel is disposed of by storing it in a pond monitored by live-cameras operated by the IAEA.

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Life extension first of its kind The life extension project made Kanupp the first nuclear power plant of its type to have successfully implemented such a project. The Turbine Building houses the turbine-generator and auxiliaries, water processing equipment, electrical distribution equipment, and the control room.

The source went on to say that if agreements for Kanupp-II were signed as planned, the plant would be ready by The building is a reinforced concrete frame and block structure.