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I can say she's stayed out, she's not came home, she's went out-of-town … for three days, I don't know what's going on.

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At least that is what Keshia's estranged husband thinks! I can't say she kesha knight pulliam dating tigger tattoos unfaithful. Sweet is Savage Big Tigger is not the father of my baby either.

He even messed with Lisa a month before running around town with Keisha he actually asked Lisa to remarry him and told her that he wanted his family back.

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The beauty also wants all her earnings from before AND during the marriage. Have I taken a picture with her? That's one of the reasons we actually stopped having sex. Here's Big Tigger's Response: The poppa went on to explain how he grew suspicious after the icon announced her pregnancy: The candid convo comes on the heels of Keshia's exclusive and emotional interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday.

The premise originally was to do a movie together. We just hope these two can stay civil for the sake of the baby — no matter who the father is.

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My husband happens to be str8 outta Kingston JA, so i learn a lil more patois everyday. Obviously, the filings could change once the baby is born. She has been trying 2sell multiple reality shows 4 years that never got green lit. Rudy, knew this deep down inside…but she went for it anyway.

Hartwell requested a paternity test to make certain he is the father. Sayitreal Ed is reaching, he always stayed in contact with his ex.

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He was trying to come up. The next thing you know he was dating Keisha and married. Now, they doing this new mess. Gotta take the good with the bad.

In an interview with Page SixEd Hartwell made a passionate denial against Keshia Knight Pulliam's claims of cheating and abandonment.

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Absolutely, but I take pictures with people every day. Keshia announced she was expecting her first child last month and her husband filed for divorce a few days later. So for me it's not me saying she's a bad person.

[UPDATE] Big Tigger To Address Keshia Knight Pulliam Cheating And Baby Rumors!

She wants what she wants, I want what I want: That's something she really did want to do. U knew me enough to ask 4 a favor Big Tigger will reportedly open up about the crazy rumors surrounding his ex-girlfriend, Keshia Knight Pulliam, and allegations by her estranged husband Ed Hartwell.

That was the first two seasons. I was busy trying to heal, which I advise her to do. Michelle No she said she was giving him head in Miami playoffs weekend and it was a little blood on the sheets and while she was playing with his butthole it was busted to the white meat Nancy Drew is Ab Fab!

Tigger has been accused of not only hooking up with Keshia, but possibly being the father of her unborn child. Lauren plays the same role and Kesha made me cringe in that Tyler Perry movie.

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An insider reveals, "A source close to [Big Tigger] said that he is currently out of the country and will be addressing these ridiculous rumors on his V radio show in Atlanta on Monday, during his Trending Topics segment.

It made Keisha look a lil thotty like. On her podcast, Keshia stated, "Lisa Wu and I have never, will never, be friends. At this point, the former athlete believes the baby belongs to Keshia's ex-boyfriend Big Tigger.

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We'll definitely keep you guys updated as this tense breakup progresses! I stand by the fact he and Keshia were beards for each other. A source is claiming that Tigger and Pulliam have been intimate during her marriage. Now, Tigger is going to break his silence and will discuss the reports during his Atlanta radio show today.

But at the end of the day, I think if things don't add up, I think it's fair for me, if things don't add up, to want a test. I can say that.

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Tigger has been accused of carrying on an affair with the former "Cosby Show" star. I have never did a sit down extensive interview on any public platform on my private issues If this is true, it does pose the question of paternity.

I can't say she's been unfaithful. I have not said 1word about this unfortunate situation. Have I run into her? Following the admission, K. Monday, August 01, 2: