La isla desierta / Saverio el Cruel by Roberto Arlt La isla desierta / Saverio el Cruel by Roberto Arlt

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Temptation called and he returned to purchase a simple adobe ranch house with two rooms and named it Desert Lodge. The targeted hotel guest?

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So guests donated what they could, such as candy, soft drinks and cigarettes for the soldiers. However, it was our desert friends who pulled their own resources to keep our doors open with their donations of dairy and fresh beef. Entire rooms would be taken over by the Jessops family of J.

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Though we could only fit up to 18 guests at that time, we consistently ballooned up to 40 guests. To celebrate our official grand opening, walk with us down memory lane.

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In essence, our return to Borrego is as much theirs, as it is ours. Share your memories on your favorite social media platform or leave us a comment below and let us know your favorite moments at La Casa del Zorro!

These included soldiers, their families and the mounds of luggage that came with them as the troops savored their last moments with loved ones before heading overseas.

During those times, the Desert Lodge took on a family atmosphere, with many guests opting to dine in the kitchen and even helping out with the dishes.

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Gone was the short-lived name Borrego Springs Ranch. Shortly after, Crickmer decided to sell the Desert Lodge.

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After more than four fruitful decades, the Copley family decided to sell the resort in War Effort Stretches into the Desert After the bombing in Pearl Harbor, our region came alive with military troops after Borrego Springs Park was designated as a Marine and Army outpost to train recruits.

The Legend Returns Then, in earlya Borrego Springs event erupted in vigorous applause when it was announced that the La Casa del Zorro was coming back!

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Join us for weekend of celebration for our Grand Opening. The one with deep enough pockets to also invest in real estate he was developing next door. And who can blame us? Just as it is today, there was never a shortage of conversation and offers of lodging, food and suggestions for evading snake bites.

Just as the rest of the country at that time, the years were rough and rations were few.

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Crickmer took time to build out the structure, adding a room and making improvements. San Diego real estate investor Jack McGrory, local developer Casey Brown, and veteran hotelier Jack Giacomini partnered together and decided it was time to breathe new life into the shut-down resort and bring it back to the beauty and livelihood that it once enjoyed.

Copley himself loved to entertain here and La Casa was frequently full of family and his elite circle of friends who mingled with other hotel guests. Paved roads, outside electricity, and telephones arrived and so did a new era.

As the war came to an end, more visitors and realtors set their eyes on Borrego and the desert valley came alive with activity.

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He was enthralled by the stunning desert vistas drenched in sunshine, starry black skies, sandstone canyons and scattered patches of lush palm tree groves. Our property was billed as a rejuvenating, destination resort that attracted the glamorous Hollywood set, who would hold weddings and parties throughout the years.

Many of these early visitors have made travels to Anza Borrego and La Casa del Zorro part of their family tradition that continues to thrive from generation to generation.