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Or, would she be right back at it, even without the phoenix sword? I had to learn to use the sword properly. But who, on the show?

Leslie-Anne Huff

Or, would she still want to get him back in the stone? I loved that scene, escaping from the armory at the very beginning, when Rayna breaks through the glass and knocks Enzo and these huge guards over, with just the sheer power of her body force.

It was a nice trajectory for me because first, it was Ian and then, it was Julie. It was such a gift to work with both Ian and Julie.

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That was some amazing body double that they used because I think they were probably still trying to figure out, you know, what is this character, who do we want, what is this gonna become? So you had to, kind of, step into leslie-anne huff dating they had painted already in terms of that character?

I got to do quite a bit of it! I think she saw flashes of that with Stefan. I think it would be so great to be in that position of creating, not just based on the one character, but based on the entire story.


Right, which acer aspire s3 review uk dating so fun. She knows exactly what to say to get you there. I actually made a playlist for her when I first started shooting.

But yeah, who knows!

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Why not submit an article to Hypable? Lady and the vamp LAH: I mean, that stuff is not easy. One of my favorite things about your character is the phoenix symbolism that came along with the sword, and the fact that you emerged out of fire.

Oh my gosh, I mean, so many! We spoke with Leslie-Anne Huff, the actress who brought Rayna to life, about her character and her experience on the show. So, he had that scar on him, and it connected them, and it was almost like a hive mind kind of thing. She was seeing what he was seeing, seeing what he was doing, and seeing him fall in love with Valerie.

They have such an extraordinary stunt team over there at The Vampire Diaries. You have gotten to do a lot of awesome things as Rayna, speaking of powerful women. I kind of like the idea of a powerful woman getting her choice of whoever she wanted.

I think that last scene was more about all those names; just getting all of those names and voices and images out of her head. I trained for three weeks, a little bit before I even got anything on film.

Do you have a favorite Rayna line or scene that you shot on the show? Let me see what you can do.

What do you think is next for Rayna Cruz on ‘The Vampire Diaries’?

What do you think it was about Stefan Salvatore that made Rayna feel like he was above the rest? We want to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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They taught me so much. Was it you in those early scenes as well?

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It takes a lot of training and they really supported me and taught me some really cool stuff. If they were to kill all the vampires on that list, would she be able to take some time off to, as she said, eat a cheeseburger and sit by the ocean?

You mentioned the love interest that she had, and The Vampire Diaries fans love a good tortured love story! He cares so much about the show, and it just made it so great. I think the writers and production had this character in mind and they, for whatever reason, were teasing it for a while.

I think Rayna is a discerning person. Do you think Rayna would take pity on him at that point? Perhaps not the one where she was walking through the forest naked.

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I know Ian Somerhalder directed the episode where the phoenix stone was destroyed, which was a big one for you, and Julie Plec directed one of your episodes as well. How much of that have you gotten to do and what kind of training did you get for that?

There were people who trained me, coordinators, and stunt performers. Ian is just such a fantastic actor.

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Is it a liberation thing or do you just want to make the vampires pay? Thanks to Leslie-Anne Huff for taking the time to talk to us!

Were there any stand out moments from working with either of them?