Who is Simon Bolivar? (with picture) Who is Simon Bolivar? (with picture)

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If dire circumstances should cause you to abandon it, there will be no health for the country, and you will drown in the ocean of anarchy, leaving as your children's legacy nothing but crime, blood, and death. Taking command of a Colombian army he captured Bogota in If for this I am held guilty, I deserve your censure more than any man.

After a coup on 19 AprilVenezuela achieved de facto independence when the Supreme Junta of Caracas was established and the colonial administrators deposed.

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Today I cease to govern you. A valuable resource for planning meetings, increasing diversity awareness and general reference.

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Gran Colombia was dissolved later that year and was replaced by the republics of Venezuela, New Granada, and Ecuador. I have served you for twenty years as soldier and leader.

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To preserve the union, an amnesty was declared and an arrangement was reached with the Venezuelan rebels, but this increased the political dissent in neighboring New Granada. He liberated Peru in and inUpper Peru became a separate state named in his honour - Bolivia.

He set the date of the constituent congress, 2 Januaryas the day he would surrender power. Their mismanagement, their profligacy, and their thirst for plunder soon alienated the affections of the inhabitants.

The federalist faction was able to command a majority for the draft of a new constitution which has definite federal characteristics despite its ostensibly centralist outline.

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He lived in Spain, and married the daughter of a Spanish nobleman in I have been the victim of ignominious suspicions, with no possible way to defend the purity of my principles.

After the military victory, he led the congress that organised the original republic of Colombia and Bolivar became its first president on 17 December On his return to Caracas, he found a region that had started to embrace the idea of independence from colonial rule.

Inhe narrowly avoided an assassination attempt and inBolivar resigned his presidency and he died from tuberculosis towards the end of that year. Hear my final plea as I end my political career; in the name of Colombia I ask you, beg you, to remain united, lest you become the assassins of the country and your own executioners.

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He was soon forced to retreat to New Granada now Colombiawhich was also at war with Spain. Do not listen, I beg you, to the vile slander and the tawdry envy stirring up discord on all sides. Fearing that I may be regarded as an obstacle to establishing the Republic on the true base of its happiness, I personally have cast myself down from the supreme position of leadership to which your generosity had elevated me.

Sucre destroyed the still numerically superior remnants of the Spanish forces at Ayacucho on 9 December He then travelled across Europe for a few years, even meeting Napoleon Bonaparte whose success at the time impressed Bolivar. The constitutional congress convened on this day is charged by Providence with the task of giving the nation the institutions she desires, following the course of circumstances and the nature of things.

Inhe was given command of a patriot army and he began a successful military campaign — recapturing Caracas from the Spaniards. Santander, who had known in advance of the conspiracy and had not directly opposed it because of his differences with Bolivar, was exiled.

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Eventually it was decided to submit them to martial justice, after which the accused of being directly involved were executed, some without having their guilt fully established. Gather around the constitutional congress. Inhe was moved to a monument set up for his interment at the National Pantheon of Venezuela.

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Sucre was killed on 4 June He dreamed of a united Spanish America and in the pursuit of that purpose he not only created Gran Colombia but also the Confederation of the Andes whose aim was to unite the aforementioned with Peru and Bolivia.

Ininternal divisions sparked dissent throughout the nation, and regional uprisings erupted in Venezuela.

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Moreover, he promoted a network of treaties keeping the newly liberated South American countries together. He then returned to Caracas with his young bride, who died less than a year later from Yellow fever.

Inhe was given a military command in TunjaNew Granada modern-day Colombiaunder the direction of the Congress of United Provinces of New Granadawhich had formed out of the juntas established in