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That is why I do not like any kind of lie, and that is why I am always honest with people. Life challenges us it is a great adventure take the chance to see all his beautiful secrets. That is why I like to do a lot of things.

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I am also very reliable; not only in work, but also in relations. If you are kindly and hospitable I would be anxious to make friends with you. I like to mee dating assen netherlands different.

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I am also very vulnerable. Your race your homeplace does not matter. I have a very good intuition and it tells me that I am going the right way. I adore to study new people and this life in whole.

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Communicate with Dutch via LiveDating. Netherlands has height level of economy. I want to have somebody to care for, but he must also be ready to treat me good. I can be compared with calm and deep water. That is why I am looking for a family-oriented man.

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Dutch people are the tallest people in the world: My own family is very important to me. I like to give more than to take. It means that we should respect, understand, and be ready to listen to each other any time we need it; and of course, be ready to support each other hard moments.

Interesting fact about Netherlands is that people using bicycles as a transport more then anywhere in the world there is 16 million bicycles ; It is first country in the world who legalised mostly everything that for rest nations is not unacceptable, like: They are tolerant and gentle people.

I try to keep fit.

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I am very sociable. Holland is a unique country that not look like others: Type of government is parliamentary democracy. That is why I like to spend time with my family and friends. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. I want my life partner to be very friendly, tender, and kind. That is why people like to be with me.

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Should be nice if we make friends and visite to eachother having fun. But the main thing for me in relationships, is harmony in everything. I am an adventurer I wantto cross the world get to know people. I am here which means that I have a very big interest in finding my only one man.