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This amount differs for commercial and residential loss. The building officially opened on This section is two years old and the stations are quite basic and look a little tired.

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The making of metro line was also encouraged, so that travellers start using public transport more and more, instead of using private vehicles. The gardens are intended for beautification and to reduce air pollution. To learn about the route, passengers can browse through the map of Bangalore metro rail.

Passengers travelling on East-West corridor will have to spend 33 minutes, while it is minute wait time on North-South corridor.


It is home to a number of exciting attractions These vending machines allow passengers to buy tokens and load metro underground in bangalore dating on their smart cards by cash. The entire journey takes 36mins. These are huge spaces and vikaren online dating quite dark and unkempt a trait of many Indian metro stations.

In respect of, a.

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Passenger Information Display Boards are installed near the Automatic gates and on platforms to provide real-time information to passengers about the arrival of trains. In Februarythe BEML-led consortium was awarded the contract to supply coaches and rolling stock for the first phase of the project.

The design-built contract for the cut-and-cover Majestic Station is also progressing. These are the most modern underground stations I have seen in India.

All efforts have been made to make this image accurate.

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Right to salvage material totally 8. All metro stations have yellow tactile tiles that are used at all stations to guide the visually impaired. Tenants have been identified as project affected persons, as a good number of residential and commercial structures in the project corridor are tenanted premises.

Alstom will provide the design, manufacture, supply, installing, testing and commissioning of the train control and signalling system and Thales will provide the design, installing, testing and commissioning of the telecommunication system for Phase 1 of the metro system.

Bangalore Metro

In framing this package, the BMRCL drew lessons from similar packages implemented in the other projects in the State and elsewhere, e. The TDR facility would be available only as per such amendments.

Apart from this, passenger lifts and escalators are also available for the passengers. In case of, a. Consent award based on market value of land and building9 and 3.

When these tanks overflow, the water is diverted to 5 metre deep rainwater harvesting pits. Initially two contracts were bid in early when several groups, including international contractors Strabag AustriaSELI Italy and Dywidag Germanypresented proposals.

The longer Green Line runs north-south for Another financial force affecting businesses is a country's balance of payments A queuing system is in place on the platforms but the crowds present when a train arrives means that there is always a bit of a free-for-all despite the best intentions of passengers.

The World Bank and The Asian Development Bank gives special emphasis in rehabilitating families who are involuntary displaced in projects.

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The UG1 contract for the central 3. Platforms are not overly deep and the masses alighting and transferring mean that it is quite crowded. Replace the assets lost; b.

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One time payment of Rs. Beyond this, the work would take up to eight metres of the road. Right to Salvage material 5.

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The inconvenience is in terms of finding new gas connection, telephone connections, ration cards, new schools, colleges, arranging conveyance including deposits for the same.

Is the amount that the Project Affected Person negotiates with the Land acquisition officer for the loss incurred, on a willing buyerseller basis.

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Consent award based on market value of land and building11 and 3. When I was in Since I had been living in metro cities for a long time, This is exacerbated by the fact that as with all stations on the system the platforms are built for 6-car sets, yet only 3-car sets are used the remainder of the platforms are cordoned off and so all the crowds are concentrated at one end of each platform.

Consent award based on market value of land and building10 and 3.