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Each piece is interchangeable offering versatility and the ability to honour particular trends or certain outfits.

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Last year online jewellery magazine Professional Jeweller predicted the rise of the modular coin style necklace as a trend to watch for Given I needed a moneda that would offer initially offer versatility and be compatible with most outfits, I opted for the popular Mi Moneda grey Roca.

The chains all boast a subtle branded tag by the clasp, invisible when worn. Clicking on the link below will open their Mi Moneda landing page in a new window: Are you a fan of the interchangeable coin trend in general? Hit the comments and let me know!

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Combine a necklace, a pendant and a moneda the coin to create a unique piece of jewellery. A little new equipment and some new techniques have hopefully resulted in images that do justice to this fabulous brand.

Mi Moneda The concept itself is simple. Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting Once fixed together, the end result is eye catching, spectacularly shiny and boasts a beautiful contrast created from both opposing metallic hues and the texture of the Roca moneda.

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Mi Moneda and indeed the interchangeable coin concept in general, has become a staple accessory of many celebrities, including Rihanna who is frequently snapped sporting various Mi Moneda creations.

The selection available is vast, ranging from faux animal prints, pure metallic designs, swarovski crystal, cubic zirconia and even natural shell.

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As always I love to hear from my readers. When it came to selecting my own necklace, my choice of pendant was simple.

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What do you think of the Mi Moneda brand? I briefly featured Mi Moneda last year and for Christmas I received my first necklace. Monedas are fully interchangeable and switching them takes mere seconds. Do you wear necklaces in general or not?

The pendants and monedas also come in a variety of sizes to allow for the stacking of multiple coins. Image Courtesy of Mi Moneda — Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting Predictably the brand then captured the attention of many fashion bloggers, thus helping to cement the concept as a must have style.

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I was excited by it from images and I really like the product that ultimately arrived.