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It is an area geared toward children, themed around the Looney Tunes characters. In this region the guest can find attractions such as Kastel jhunjhunu online dating Lendas, where some Brazilian folk stories are told.

Made by Italian company Zamperla. Who more mines, won prizes. It was built by Dutch firm Nauta Bussink.

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It has several attractions such as Rio Bravo, Evolution, West River Hotel, as well as shows and other presentations daily. The famous and traditional carousel that plays music of the old series Merrie Melodies. A simulator with two rooms, each with a screen of square metres. Water playground that reproduces the Department of Special Effects.

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The trip takes about 3 min and 30 sec. Attractions The Montezum's Helix Montezum: On February 24,a year-old girl died when she fell off her seat during descent. A large theatre with capacity for people where there is a varied program of plays.

If you go back, get wet some more. Also known as "Flying Carousel". Taz Tea Cups, based on his ink cans. Restaurant themed as a Wild West saloon, with typical dishes of the day, and several shows during the day. Coyote, representing the Academy Stunt.

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Kaminda Mundi is the central area to the event. Replica of the tomb of Ramses II, which houses sarcophagi and mummies. Play area, where visitors win prizes. The themes of Hopi Night since their first edition are: Ten gondolas stuck in a circle, supported by a large mechanical arm.

The themes of Magical Vacations since their first edition are: It has been held montezuma hopi hari yahoo dating and is responsible for the majority of visitors during these months. Attractions Kastel di Lendas: Some examples of expressions include: Aribabiba Justice League [ edit ] Aribabiba is the capital of the fictional country, and occupies an area of 16, m2.

A big wagon that rotates horizontally, like the Jambalaia, but much larger.

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Mistieri[ edit ] Mistieri Mistery is in the northwest of the park and occupies an area of 52, m2. Also known as "Roller Coaster in the dark", it is a roller coaster inside a pyramid, which runs most of its path entirely in the dark.

The event features various characters, musical performances, daily shows and a fireworks show. Infantasia[ edit ] Infantasia Fantasyland is in the central plain of the park and covers an area of 31, m2.

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German Wheel, 44m high, where you get the full panorama of the park. Wild West[ edit ] The area is themed like the Old West. It was built by U. Signs throughout the park are printed in both Hopi Harian and Portuguese.


He stayed five years in the park. The event happens in the period from April to June. These rise high enough, and then go through a steep decline, falling back into the water.

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The course is conducted by means of circular rafts with a capacity of nine people. It was off by building the space Hopi Niver. Evolution, the cowboy's lasso.

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This turns the circle and the gondolas at a constant speed at a height of approximately 20 m roughly the same height as the Crazy Wagoncausing people to be upside down, and then descends back to its normal position.

Shopping and food[ edit ] There are a number of shops throughout the park, the majority being at the end of each ride. The visitors make a journey on foot inside an abandoned mine, where they encounter monsters, an elevator that goes down, among others.

Taken from the park in It is the Department of Transportation. A castle that shows some Brazilian culture through animatronic puppets, scenes that play music and a few Brazilian cities. It was built by Germany's Huss Rides. One of the most successful attractions in the region.

Concerts are performed music and dance in these regions Hopi Hari by anonymous artists employed by the park. This appeal was withdrawn inand stored in warehouses of the park due to the numerous defects and high maintenance costs, however, been renovated and restored to service on August 21, It is themed with the desert of RoadRunner and Wile E.

Space reserved for arcade games and video games. Former Attractions[ edit ] Unicirco: Built by Italian company Fabbri Group. A Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop. Gondolas turning to the music and themed with Cat Woman vs Wonder Woman, coming to let people upside down.

Before his name was Kidspleshi. Simulates a raft in a river about meters long, with rapids and waterfalls. Attractions La Tour Eiffel: Two large shelves that rotate degrees, up and down without stopping.

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To a foreigner who is not fluent in Portuguese, one may easily mistake Hopi Harian for a natural language. The refreshing moments in Chabum guarantees are secured by shooting water at various locations, soaking the participants.