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This was far from passive; the effort required, the participation were devastating.

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Inspired by the art and life of the Victorian artist Clarice BeckettNight Street is the story of a painter who, having remained unmarried by choice, continues to live with her ageing parents. She stepped back, at last.

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Kristel I had to encourage myself to feel free, I guess, to invent. I tend to need to do the research then put it aside in order to write. She pulled the thing, stopping, and pulling again, in search of the right position.

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But I was quite focused for large slabs of time. He was not worried about giving offence; his sense of purpose did not allow it. Without being tall or dating makeup artist robust, Meldrum was imposing in his black suit.

Meldrum was blatantly seduced by his own sober charisma; he represented an original, compelling ideal and you could not risk closing your eyes to it.

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Perhaps this was the same as saying that he allowed her to consider herself sane: Valerie Did you, when you said you were sort of possessed a bit, it sounds a little bit freaky, were you being her as you did all of this? From a distance, she made a perplexing spectacle, seeming slightly misshapen, some hybrid creature.

The marine air was potent with the odour of kelp, between life and decomposition. And possibly hate him a little, too, as you do when a person seems to have lifted off the top of your head, reached in and plucked out some of your choicest fantasies, then brazenly passed them off as someone else's.

Kristel Thornell imagines Agatha Christie's disappearance in On the Blue Train

Ceremonial, she was taking her time. At the age of 36, Agatha Christie suffered from amnesia and went missing for 11 days. So can you give us some idea of some timeframes? I thought about it a lot because I had similar questions to consider for my first novel which was inspired by the Australian landscape painter Clarice Beckett and her art.

Kristel It may have taken, it probably took about a year to write the first draft.

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The horizon line, barely perceptible, joining the two blue-mauve masses of sky and gently undulating sea. After I read the biographies and the autobiography and the early novels, I took my first research trip to the UK. This was like a game. A curve of flat, open bay draped in dwindling radiance.

I am your witness. Through her art, she enters into a world of sensuality and freedom, away from the constraints of a conservative and disapproving society. However, this was not, she hoped, uninteresting.

So what kind of research did you have to do to make this authentic?

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She worked quickly, because she preferred it so and time was always short. The flowers were sanguine and yellow, their dark centres echoing the almost-black background.

And they were alone: Seeing what there was to be seen was far from passive; having your eyes and self open was surely the opposite of isolation — how could you be more connected to life? When Australian author Kristel Thornell heard of Christie's disappearance she was intrigued by the idea someone could just vanish.

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I stayed in the Grand Hotel where she spent her wedding night in It was the first time she had brought Meldrum a landscape. Did you have any particular techniques or anything that you did to enable you to do that?

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Do you store it all in Word? The subtle power of Beckett's enigmatic landscapes enabled her to imagine Clarice's inner life and shape an extraordinary novel. I would find that so hard. As I got going, I picked up speed and then I would often throw down a whole messy chapter in a day.

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The still life was one of few she had completed that came close to satisfying her; generally she wanted to escape from interiors as fast as possible and be out in the open air, in real limitless space and tempting, fickle light.

I invented Harry, an Australian character, for example. But I invented within the gaps, within the gaps.