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PaseoMerengueCumbia and Porro. There are several private universities: This party includes a structure known as Corraleja, which is a temporary crafty wooden bullringwhere the main attraction is watching the bullfighters facing the bulls.

The bullfighting takes places in four or five journeys a journey a dayusually including the weekend. Agriculture, is secondary to livestock farming, and is highlighted by the production of maizecassavayamsand bananas.

This is why the holiday is also called Las Fiestas de Corraleja.

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The festival begins a few days earlier and includes a number of parades, a beauty contest, and several days of bullfighting olimpica estereo sincelejo online dating a temporary wooden circular structure similar to a stadium named Corraleja. The construction of the temporary bullring schematy blokowe online dating at the end of December, and civil engineers and architects supervise the work of dozens of workers.

The total investment for this facility is twenty-five thousand million pesos About It is the center of the religious celebrations that take place throughout the year in Sincelejo such as: There are two cable TV services: The city is known for its hamacas hammocks and the sombrero vueltiao turned hatwhich are both made by the native inhabitants.

A olimpica estereo sincelejo online dating to watch a bullfighting journey costs about US Dollars and usually the last journey is the most expensive.

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Unlike the National Meeting of Bands, this festival is about the folk musical styles played on the accordion and it includes four styles: This is a musical contest where folk bands perform the traditional musical styles of the Savanna Region: Universidad de Sucrewhich is the only public university in Sincelejo and Sucre.

It has facilities for fattening herds. Dairy farming is done on a smaller scale but is an important contributor to the city's economy.

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There is regular transportation from Sincelejo to these cities by bus and taxi, with taxis being a little more expensive. There are several radio stations. There is always some controversy when the styles of Valleduparspecially the paseo, win.

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Claro has the only local TV channel named Canal Doce Channel 12 which is available for its subscribers. On January 20,a combination of overcrowding and panic caused the bullring's wooden bleachers to collapse, killing persons, although some estimates place the death toll at almost Media[ edit ] Two local dailies circulate in Sincelejo: The sombrero vueltiao is also as a national symbol of Colombia.

Sites of interest[ edit ] Majagual Plaza Majagual Plaza: There are several institutions offering technical and technological training the most important being the local facility of SENA.

The city is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sincelejo. There is no official remuneration for the bullfighters who dare to enter the ring, but usually the wealthiest landowners state an unofficial monetary incentive for those who stab the bull using small prickers.

Anyone who dares to join the bullfighters must have insurance, which is sold on site, so if they are hurt their medical costs are covered.

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There are also regional and national newspapers such as: As old as Sincelejo, the Santander Park was opened in and it was the first place where the January 20 Corralejas took place in running until when it was moved to Majagual Plaza.

It includes several programs as well as a newscast devoted to Sincelejo and its zone of influence. According to a recent census of the Industry and Commerce department, there are about establishments of all kinds of operating in the capital.

The contest began in and takes place in the mid-year and it awards creativity and performance.

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The main criticisms of the corraleja is the treatment of the animals, not only in the bullfighting but as it is being prepared, the safety of the usually unskilled bullfighters, and the consumption of alcohol within the bullring by watchers and bullfighters. Economy[ edit ] The main economic activities of the municipality of Sincelejo revolve around the area and neighboring department specifically in the livestock sector, agriculture, commerce, and other services.

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In the municipality authorized the construction of the wooden structure renewing the bullfighting. Trade and other services, especially the government, are important economic activites in Sincelejo, supplementing the primary activities of the agricultural sector.

The picadors are also a part of the show, but they belong to cattle raising farms and they're paid for their work, but the unofficial incentive also applies for them.

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It was established in and it is a beautiful facility where concerts, musicals, folk events and theater operas take place. The mall's area is about 31, square meters including parking space for cars and motorcycles. Different cattle rising farms previously chosen are in charge of supplying the bulls - about 40 bulls per day - so at the end of the last day the most entertaining journey is chosen, with people's participation, and the cattle rising farm is awarded with an official incentive.

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Since then, Majagual Plaza was only used for activities related to sport. Culture[ edit ] The traditional music of Sincelejo includes porro and fandango similar to samba in Brazil. Also, there are several universities: The economy of Sincelejo is sustained is sustained by: This plaza was the epicenter of the January 20 Corralejas for many years before it moved to La Plaza de Mochila where it took place until the disaster of The very first stage of the mall was inaugurated in Maythe second one in August, and the third one in November.

It is the cultural facility for excellence in Sincelejo. The typical dish of this city is mote de queso which is a soup with cheese.

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Sincelejo receives five national television channels: Transportation[ edit ] Sincelejo is known for being an important crossroads on the Colombian Caribbean coast. This mall holds the biggest shopping center in Sincelejo: In construction of a new mall in the same place began.

The first winner of this contest was Lisandro Meza in It had a play ground for children, four movie theaters, and shops.