Visit Panchalingeswar Temple on your trip to Balasore or India Visit Panchalingeswar Temple on your trip to Balasore or India

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Panchalingeswar Shrine, Chandipur Overview

But getting there may seem to wybory w pzpn online dating an arduous task as one needs to ascend stairs to reach the temple.

They also have to climb. Tourists can also visit another serene beach at Chandipur. This is a unique place where one can find five Shiva lingas. Walk for 3 km from the temple site through a tribal village, to savor the spectacular sight of the Khumkut Dam. It is said that the temple celebrates the glory of years with the statue of Hanuman here is installed by the Hindu Saint, Sri Vyasa Raja.

Panchalingeswar Temple, Balasore odisha

S-No facility for old age people or handicapped person to panchalingeswar temple in bangalore dating near the place. A holy historic mythological place located Balasore district of Odisa.

The place also houses a well-decorated temple of Khirachora Gopinath. The Goddess Banashankari Amma is worshiped by many during the Rahukala to remove all obstacles and hardships.

The small waterfall becomes bigger during the monsoons and the 5 rock piece kind of formation called the Pancha Lingas becomes difficult to locate.

Best time to visit Panchalingeswar: You could also locate a watchtower at the site.


The Panchalingeswar is situated over the hills under the Devgiri range part of Nilgiri. A morning ride to these places especially during Monsoons gives you a kind of thrilling experience.

Another interesting feature is the pranic energy felt in the temple. Though the temple is open on all days of the week, devotees throng the temple from dawn to dusk on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays to offer special pujas to the goddess.

The temple which was once in shambles was renovated 20 years ago. According to the local people, this pond is not connected to any external water flows but is self-oozing. The mesmerizing feet-tall Shiva idol in the backdrop of the Himalayas and the lake of Manasasarovar look alike gives an alluring look to the temple.

The temple is known for its famous Karaga which is celebrated in the honor of Mother Goddess Draupadi as a triumph of good over evil. It is believed that people also come here to touch the healing stone in the temple which is said to have blessed with mystic curative powers.

Built in the year this architectural wonder is a must visit place for all tourists. There is also a Vedic Museum, an exhibition area, and a lecture hall.

Even aged person can climb. The architecture of this temple has carved granite pillars which are said to have built in Vijayanagara style with an equal amount of Hoysala influence to it.

Top 10 Must Visit Temples in Bangalore

Later on, he instructs his sculpture artists to crave an idol and builds a temple dedicated to Lord Vinayaka. It so happens that the king finds a big rock which was looking like Ganesha.

Balepet Road, Majestic, Bengaluru. The people not only come to this temple to pray but also to marvel at the architecture. The long teeth on either side of the mouth are the only thing which helps one understands the difference. A small village called Baulagadia near Nilagiri town five km away has become a major centre in the sub-division for its stone-carving work on black granite.

There is a small lake In front of that temple.

Panchalingeswara Bhola Maheswara Parikara a very beautiful devotional Bhajana full video song..

The Darpana Mandira meaning mirror temple is also a main feature of this temple. Tourist visiting Panchalingeswar can arrange for some interesting trips to nearby destinations.

Panchalingeswar, Orissa — kms from Kolkata Panchalingeswar Courtesy: It is famous for stone discs and the mystery of allowing the sun to shine or shrine in the certain time of the year. How to reach Panchalingeswar: With its ornate temple arches, fountains and elaborated Rajagopuram this temple is a feast for the eyes.

To reach there u have to pass through a number of stairs Blessed with a beautiful garden and the peaceful ambiance, this legendary temple is certainly an abode of peace and tranquillity.

The idol in the sanctum sanitarium, is Lord Venkatarama. Things to do in Panchalingeswar: Besides the temple one can also savor the spectacular sight of small tribal villages and hamlets as you trek through the forests of the Nilagiri. On the top of the hill, there are many small waterfalls which are mesmerizing for the visitors.

If you have anything to add then please let us know in the comments below. You need to ascend stairs to reach the temple. The Tamil inscriptions in the temple and the Chola stone art says that the temple was built during Chola regime which later on is said to have developed by Devaraya 2 of Vijayanagara empire.

Every year on the last Monday and Tuesday of the Hindu month of Karthika a groundnut fair is held in the temple premises and the nut is offered to the deity. This Devi temple is so powerful that the very energy over here makes you yowl in the ecstasy of devotion.

The sheer serenity of the location is a great stress buster for the tourists. One can feel the under water lingams by touch inside a hidden hole at the middle of the stream The nearest airport of the destination is located at Bhubaneswar, whereas Balasore serves as the closest railway station.

The main festivals celebrated are the Birthday of the deity on the 13th of September the, Dashera festival in October and the temple anniversary during Pushya Maasa which falls between the December and January. The Sugreeva idol, standing six feet in high may be mistaken for Lord Hanuman.


On top of the Panchalingeswar temple, there is an another temple of Banadevi. Another interesting place is Khiching, popular for housing the age-old Chamunda temple and Kichakeswari temple.

This was the list of temples in Bangalore.