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Hearing me say I had a mind to see the world, he told me if I would go the voyage with him I should be at no expense, and if I could carry anything with me to sale, I should have all the advantage of it that the trade would admit. When we were about two miles above the shore, I took the gun out of the cabin and went to Xury.

But as it was always my fate to choose for the worse, so I did here. And these, added to the terror of the storm, put me into such a condition, that I have no words to describe it.

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English Character set encoding: My father, a wise and grave man, gave me serious and excellent counsel against what he foresaw was my design. Which way he went I knew not.

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February 28, Language: Our trading in Guinea was upon the coast line. So, our men spent all the time in rest and mirth, after the manner of the sea.

Then all hands were called to the pump. I proved very dexterous in catching fish; insomuch that sometimes patron took me and young boy Xury, as they robinson kruzo qartulad online dating him, to row the boat and to help him fishing.

We came into the small bay in the evening, resolving to swim on shore as soon as it was dark, and discover the country; but as soon as it was quite dark, we heard such dreadful noises of the barking and roaring robinson kruzo qartulad online dating wild creatures, of we knew not what kinds.

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We worked all night long, but the water kept coming. This moment my former notions of deliverance darted into my thoughts, for now I found I was likely to have a little ship at my command. We needed fresh water, but we were afraid to go ashore, for fear of wild beasts and savages.

I saw terror and amazement in the faces even of the seamen themselves. What became of my second brother I never knew, any more than my father or mother knew what became of me.

We never went a-fishing without a compass and some provision. A huge number of people gathered on the beach to help us as soon as we moored to the bank.

But our patron, warned by this disaster, eacd online dating to take more care of himself for the future, therefore took all the measures to stock up with provisions and drinks.

In this buffet were stored baskets of sea biscuits, bread, rice and coffee. So, the master ordered the Moor, called Ismael, who guarded the ship, to give me everything for fowling. He asked me how I did, looking very melancholy and shaking his head.

The sixth day of our being at sea we came into Yarmouth Roads. But this hope of mine was soon taken away; for when he went to sea, he left me on shore to look after his little garden, and do the common domestic things about his house; and when he came home again from his cruise, he ordered me to lie in the cabin on board to look after the ship.

Since then, my thoughts of escape became stronger than ever before. But the wind blew to fresh, and after we had lain four or five days, blew very hard.

From Yarmouth I went to London with my own, by land. Do you see what charming weather it is now? Xury said, if I would let him go on shore with one of the jars, he would find if there was any water, and bring some to me. Anyone may judge, what a condition I must been in at all this, who was such a young sailor, and was so frightened in a first little storm.

In the middle of the night we found out the leak in a hold.

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By this time it blew a terrible storm indeed. We usually went for such a trip by our English ship, that pirate, our master, had taken. During this time many ships from Newcastle came into the same Roads. I thought he was pursued by some savage, or frighted with some wild beast, and I ran forward towards him to help him; but when I came nearer to him I saw something hanging over his shoulders, which was a creature that he had shot, like a hare, but different in colour, and longer legs; however, we were very glad of it, and it was very good meat; but the great joy that poor Xury came with, was to tell me he had found good water and seen no wild beasts.

It happened one time, that going a-fish in a calm morning, a fog rose so thick that, though we were not half a league from the shore, we lost sight of it; we laboured all day, and all the next night and we knew not whither or which way; and when the morning came we found we had pulled off to sea instead of pulling in for the shore; and that we were at least two leagues from the shore.

This voyage was very successful to us, all the crew members returned home grown rich. And then I went on a little trick.

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However, I was very grave for all that day, being also a little sea-sick still; but towards night the weather cleared up, the wind was quite over, and a charming fine evening followed.

I began to prepare to flee.

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The castle, which is at the entrance of the port, knew who we were, and took no notice of us; and we were not above a mile out of the port before we set us down to fish. When he saw the gun in my hands, a fear reflected on his face.

He got a good estate by merchandise, and leaving off his trade, lived afterwards at York, from whence he had married my mother, whose relations were named Robinson, a very good family in that country, and from whom I was called Robinson Kreutznaer; but, by the usual corruption of words in England, we are now called—nay we call ourselves and write our name—Crusoe; and so my companions always called me.

The townspeople gave us houses to leave, and by the particular merchants and owners of ships we had enough money to carry either to London or back to Hull as we wanted.

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The boatswain, the master, and some others more sensible than the rest were praying, expecting every moment when the ship would go to the bottom. But it is impossible to describe the horrid noises, and hideous cries and howlings that were raised, as well upon the edge of the shore as higher within the country, upon the noise or report of the gun, a thing I have some reason to believe those creatures had never heard before.

Robinson Crusoe

It was clear, that the ship would founder; and though the storm began to fall off a little, but it was impossible to keep afloat till we might run into any port.

We decided to stay aboard till day, and in the morning to go ashore with two guns, some powder and shot. So the master began firing guns for help. I saw him no more.


He called me one morning into his chamber, where he was confined by the gout, and expostulated very warmly with me upon this subject. It was a big success for me first of all to fall into pretty good company in London.

Here we got in, and though not without much difficulty, got all safe on shore, and walked afterwards on foot to Yarmouth.

I would always go on board in the habit of a gentlemen and so I neither had any business in the ship, nor learned to do any. I had enough money in my pocket for this way.