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Just like the fated couple, guava paste and cheese are simply meant to be together!

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A few weeks ago, I went to dinner with my friend Gaby to a Brazilian pizzeria. The tomboyish, outgoing Julieta is the daughter of a member of the Palmeiras soccer club board.

But this combination is available in a variety of recipes like empadas, just on toast for breakfast, cheesecake or even pizza. Romeu and Julieta are shunned by both members of their family, including Romeu's spry grandmother.

Salty, soft cheese and sweet, guava paste combine in this unique and simple dish, which can be served as an dessert or appetizer. However, in order to avoid incurring the wrath of her parents, Romeu is forced to pretend to be an adoring Palmeiras fan, an increasingly difficult task for the die-hard Corinthiano.

Ether way, it is sure to win hearts! The opportunity for us to feature the cuisine of this country that rhymes with samba and bossa nova. Queijo minas can also be replaced with mozzarella, but do not share that with a Brazilian! Goiabada is an ingredient that can be found in all Portuguese colonies.

That's why when Brazilian cooks don't have the time or inclination to prepare a fancy or elaborate dessert they often fall back on Romeu e Julieta - the ingredients are likely to be in the fridge already, and all it takes to prepare the dessert is to slice the cheese and the goiabada then plate them.

What Cheese To Use For Romeo And Juliet?

Cheese, of course, also filmai tikrais faktais online dating well. After meeting the same man again in the middle of eye exam, Julieta and Romeu quickly become a couple. On the menu, among other things, was Romeu e Julieta that I prepared as appetizers.

It consists of a fairly thick slice of fresh white cheese in Brazil, mostly often queijo minas from the state of Minas Gerais and an equally thick slice of a fruit paste made from guava goiaba called goiabada.

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Traditionally, Brazilian Romeo and Juliette is made with a soft, white, slightly salty cheese from the region of Minas Gerais, called queijo minas.

I already took it easy with my Andorian recipe which consisted of bread, garlic, tomato and olive oil. But Romeu e Julieta is what this simple dish of cheese and a sweet fruit paste is universally called in Brazil.

Romeu e Julieta in its most basic form is one of the most traditional desserts and the simplest to prepare in the Brazilian culinary repertoire.

Flavors of Brazil: Romeu e Julieta - Brazil's Traditional Quick Dessert

Goiabada dates back to the early days of Portuguese colonization of Brazil as a way to preserve fresh fruit, and under refrigeration it has a very long shelf life. You will often find this flavor combination popping up in many Brazilian dishes, like empanadas and flan.

You can arrange the slices on a plate, or stack them together on toothpicks for easy to grab, perfectly paired bites!

I think my friends enjoyed this dessert that combines the fairly neutral side but salty side of the cheese with the sweetness of the guava paste. It may be a lifesaver sometime when you find yourself needing a quick dessert. The second ingredient of this dessert is guava paste also called goiabada.

It has a uniform but slightly gritty texture, due to the texture of the guava fruit itself and is quite sweet. Most Brazilians will cut a small piece of cheese and a small piece of goiabada then combine them on the fork in a single bite. I went to that same store to buy the ingredients for my Brazilian recipe shortly after the miraculous victory of Brazil against Chile.

Its ease of preparation isn't Romeu e Julieta's only virtue though - it's delicious and satisfies that craving for something sweet to finish a meal without being heavy or too rich.

The paste consists of guava, sugar and water.

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What a change from homemade smoked chickencheese making or the cabbage fermentation. This dessert which is widespread in Brazil consists of cheese and guava paste.

Gioabada is merely pulped fresh guava, water and sugar cooked down to a consistency halfway between a fruit butter, like apple butter, and fruit leather.

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It is often found in a brick form, making it easy to slice for these tasty bites. The only difficulty with this recipe is to find the two ingredients that compose it.

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A global event which had its share of surprises like ItalyPortugal and Spain leaving the competition a little early and Brazil collapsing at the end. Guava paste or goiabada in Portuguese is a preserve made simply from guava and sugar.

Plot[ edit ] The film's history takes place in It is from the region of Minas Geraisthe second most populated region in Brazil. She is constantly frustrated by what she sees as institutional bias against women in soccer.

Eventually, the two feuding families are able to rally around their love for both Romeu and Julieta, even if they are unable to look past their different sport affiliations. If not, your local Latin market is sure to carry it.

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It is a difficult cheese to find in the States, so often Mexican Queso Fresco or Queso Blanco if you want your cheese less salty is used as a substitute. If you come across goiabada when haunting ethnic markets, pick some up and pop it in the refrigerator.

As a dessert, we were served pizza with Nutella and banana, strawberry jam, as well as Romeu e Julieta. This sporting event was taking place in Brazil this time. Queijo minas is slightly salty and does not have a strong flavor. It can be purchased online or in Brazilian specialty stores.

Finally, Romeu is forced to admit his true allegiance to Julieta's father on a turbulent plane flight following the Palmeiras' disastrous defeat in an international match in Tokyo the Intercontinental Cup.

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Goiabada can be found in Latin American markets in North America, and its name in Spanish is the same as it is in Portuguese. This region of about 20 million people is a little larger than France! It dates from the colonization of Brazil, where guavas were used instead of quince in the preparation of quince cheese marmelada in Portuguese.

The cheese that is used is kind of a dense cheese called queijo minas or queijo mineiro. Romeu e Julieta obviously gets its name from the Shakespeare play.

The opportunity to get together to see France being eliminated from the World Cup… but also organize a little gathering. The combination of cheese and guava paste is called Romeo and Juliet.

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We found ours from World Market. You can often find guava paste in the Latin section of your grocery store. The recipe I chose for today is probably the easiest recipe of the history of flavors.

Well, this one is even easier! The flavor combination is a wonderful pairing of sweet and salty. Other fresh cheeses from Latin America or even Italian ricotta salata can be substituted for Brazilian queijo minas. I think I will try next.

May the best team win! Once you have your guava paste and cheese, they are simply sliced and served together. One day while watching her beloved Palmeiras, she is struck by a handsome man, Romeu, that she sees rooting for the Palmeiras' chief rivals, the Corinthians.

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The paste has a consistency that is like a thick fruit butter that has been jellied. The dish plays off the sweetness of the fruit combined with the saltiness of the cheese. Brazilian Romeu e Julietta In Brazil the combination of guava paste goiabada and soft cheese is a common culinary occurrence.