Shobana's dance performance at the 11th CIFF - YouTube | Shobana's dance performance at the 11th CIFF - YouTube |

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Even when you perform Bharatanatyam for film, it is very different from your actual training. Shobana has over the years performed in several of the Music and Dance Festivals in India.

Her realistic diinsoor online dating of a simple girl-next-door appealed to audiences instantly and she went on to work in numerous films.

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The whole mental makeup is different. Many might be drawn to her stage performances after watching her talented turn on the big screen only to come away with a complete sense of awe at the talented dancer in her.

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I practically grew up in the industry; it has been a great teacher to me. Quick takes with Shobana People are free and every community is happy and that's a great message that Dubai is giving to the world.

If you had to define the role of dance in your life, how would you do it? This is my own personal experience.

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Have you seen any drastic change in the way the industry treats women from the time you entered it to now? Shobana, right now the Malayalam industry seems to be going through a bit of rough patch in terms of the controversy involving an assault on an actress that took place recently.

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I really like my audience to leave the theatre saying "now that was a very entertaining music and dance show". In after five years of intensive study at the Chidambaram Academy, Madras, she made her debut on stage proving her inherent gift as a fine dancer. Her recitals abroad include the World Malayalee convention, in America in Enakkul Oruvan didn't do well at the box office and Shobhana's commercial landing was stalled and she went back into Malayalam films.

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The recent controversy involving Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has made every industry, more so film industries across the world take a deeper look within.

It is true that I had started my training in dance before I went into films but I started my career in films when I was very young and at an age when I was still a long way off from truly understand classical dance. As a Bharatanatyam dancer Shobana is known for her fine dedication of this classical art form.


Classical dance has the capacity to embrace all these points. Just as I change as a person as I grow older, what I want out of dance also changes. Once that is in place then you won't be bothered so much by peer pressure. As an actor and a woman how do you face up to such issues?

How was your experience as a woman acting in movies?

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Her dance tours have taken her all over U. The National Award-winning actor was born into an illustrious family of dancers and counts the legendary Travancore sisters - Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini - as her aunts. Yes, certain incidents have happened which I am very sorry to hear about.

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A lot of times, I just go into my dance hall alone and just practice, in my own world. Classical dancing and acting are two very different things. Dance is who I am. There is a bad place everywhere.

Learn from bigger stars, watch their work, and imbibe their values.

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But then he was a star and I was stunned. From there on it is the law that has to take over. Those are the best moments that I have had. The Keralites seem to maintain their identity unlike most other places outside of India. What do you like best about the city?

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Shobana who is presently teaching Bharatanatyam in Madras has distinguished herself over the years in the field of films as a noted actress. What can the audience look forward to during your Dubai show of The Spirit of Dance?

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And if something untoward happens, be open about it and tell the public and press so that the real story is brought out and others are warned of the dangers. Her portrayal of Ganga Nakulan and alter-ego Nagavalli in the film was described by critics as "spell binding".

If you are an artist, train to be one and stay focused. And just as we all change over time, my relationship with dance has also changed and evolved owing to my experiences.