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Finally, you will have to unlock the "villa" first before you can use it in the game. In other words, don't panic if this value changes very slowly - it isn't meant to move quickly. The whole point of this game is to get two roommates into bed with each other.

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You should quiqly know this secret the only secret for the only game. You can use it to zoom in and out moving your "camera" nearer or further away from the action.

Friendship Romance Sensuality Fun Trouble As long as you manage to keep all indicators in the green, everything is fine. As a special exception, the content of the boxes is free of charge.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life - PC -

Basically, a character's needs more or less represent their mood. The most interesting item is probably "Autonomous characters", where you can deactivate or activate your singles' Al. With this option you can access all formerly saved games. Fate would have it that Linda is the first to read the flyers Mike has put up.

Well, under "Relationship" you'll find all that you have invested in the relationship between Mike and 5th grade dating site in the course of the game, regardless of the current mood of your charges.

Having Children While two people are in the middle of making love, save the game and then exit.

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It doesn't have a special menu. If you want Singles to run in a window on your screen, you can activate this function here. If you have no wheel, you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard up and down. If they are in a bad mood, it's not beyond them to refuse certain actions in particular interpersonal ones even though these actions have already been activated.

To do so, use the button that looks a bit like a cogwheel access the main menu, click "Options", deactivate "Autonomous characters".

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Game ScreenShots

Can you see the big round control element containing many buttons in the bottom left-hand corner? This is where you can save your current game in order to end your session, try out something risky that might have negative consequences, or simply save your current status.

At about 3 p. It doesn't take a genius to guess: By the way, in Singles you can also activate the so-called "Pink Mode". The Al takes a very detailed note of what Linda did, say, last Friday at 8 p.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Rankings & Opinions

If you have activated the "tracking mode" see belowtheir movements will be tracked by the camera. Well, there isn't much more to say about this. You could also let your singles talk to each other, e. Using the button right above the main menu, you can make a snapshot of what you see on the screen whenever you like.

Though we haven't discussed it properly yet, the relationship is of immense importance.

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What follows is a tedious, boring and repetitive gameplay. The mundane side of life could begin - if it wasn't for that crazy little thing called love.

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If you just accessed the main menu from a running game, click here to continue your current game. If you just started Singles, clicking here will load the latest saved game. Fortunately, you and your singles have a whole weekend to get used to the new set-up.

Fortunately, this annoying micromanagement of both characters is made easy.

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Under certain circumstances, you will get "skill points" for more details, see below. The default setting is a compromise of sorts: You see that the picture is now moving up and down as well.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life!

What you see on the screen is exactly what the camera sees. If you now instruct your single to move, the "camera" will follow their movements.

For instance, the food in the fridge won't grow in there for free To leave the catalog, click on the "needs" button. Even the best sex is no fun on an empty stomach — just ask the responsible product manager at Deep Silver, he knows all about it.

As a special exception, the content of the boxes is free of charge.

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Depending on your behavior in your two roles as Mike AND Linda you will gather so-called relationship points in various categories such as romance, friendship or sensuality.

This personality is fixed and cannot be changed. Mike will eventually invite you to have a look around the flat on your own. Click on a free space on the ground to make the single currently activated go there. Change the amount to for max money.

If you have successfully completed the story, you will get the beach house as a kind of reward. Fits can happen to people who have no previous history of epilepsy.


In that case, you'll be faced with the rather unpleasant realization that your ambitious project for two people to peacefully share a flat has failed miserably. At certain, ever increasing intervals, the added-up number of experience points will raise you to a new level, which in turn will earn you a new skill point.

Moreover, you can stay in the countryside for as long as you like - or until you run out of money. You as the player can change the course of events at any time.

Singles: Flirt up your Life

Remember that we have already talked about this in the tutorial. The number of levels is limited, but reaching the next level will of course be increasingly difficult because you will need more experience points than before.

You can sometimes simply lean back and watch your two bods.

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Flirt Up Your Life gives you no objectives, no missions and no tasks. Well, imagine there's a camera that you can control and use to watch the flat and what's going on in there. If you wish, you could browse around a little to see what options there are.

Normally, the Al should do this for you - that is, unless you have switched it off. The two characters you help have their own AI and will go about their daily tasks in a minimalist way. You have probably already noticed the fairly precise times, down to the days of the week.

If you just started Singles, clicking here will load the latest saved game. If you find this too confusing, you have two other options: In this case, the quarrel will be immortalized in the shape of a trouble point in the Relationship menu of the formerly exasperated roommate.