T-ara soyeon dating scandal T-ara soyeon dating scandal

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Soyeon previously revealed herself to be a fan of Click B since her youth when the two appeared together on 'Star Flirt and flutter spasm Bell' back in November There are even cases where we see each other for just ten minutes.

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Oh Jong Hyuk spoke about his future plans with his girlfriend.

She likes the warm type like Yang Dong Geun, but there aren't many idols like that around us. The three members took some time off of their busy schedule to have an interview with Korean news media, Ilgan Sports. There are many male idols around Jiyeon, but she does not really like pretty boys or delicate men, so they don't connect.

He admitted to a previous 3-year relationship with a fellow idol around minute Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon are carefully dating and they ask for your support.

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Watch the Happy Together episode for rock hard abs reveal! I'm okay with people in the business, but I also think I'd be able to date an ordinary person if we were to have a connection. Even while Oh Jong Hyuk was serving in the army, he and Soyeon remained firm, successfully withstanding the time apart from one another.

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To tell the truth, the idols eye one another, so there are many cases in which they connect through dating. We try to split our time as best as possible to see each other sensibly.

The two have been meeting each other for a long time, and the photos revealed are when they met up for their th day party There have been rumors of the two being a couple previously but as neither side denied nor confirmed it, they simply remained as rumors, until now that is.

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Please watch over them beautifully. During the interview, the beautiful ladies discussed their current relationship status, ideal types, and more. Oh Jong Hyuk served in the Marines and seems like a sweet genuine guy. What we mean is she likes the warm and kind type.

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Is Oh Jong Hyuk close to the members as well? The two's relationship, which began as that of a fan and a star, progressed into that of a couple on December 28th of They were meeting quietly even before Oh Jong Hyuk left for his enlistment.

The relationship came up when the interviewer asked, "Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk are an official couple. The both of us are so busy with work and we respect each other's work because we can't cause a disturbance.

They also were on 'Bouquet' together on December 26 Oh Jong Hyuk, who has good manners and has a kind personality, fell for Soyeon's cute charms.

What kind of man would you like to meet?

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I don't really have a criteria for a type of person I dislike. Link Prepare your hearts for another celebrity couple because T-ara's Soyeon 26 and Oh Jong Hyuk 30 apparently have been an item for the past 3 years!

Congratulations to Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk! Even though T-ara had activities, Soyeon waited for him.