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Too accommodating for ones own good, seen and heard

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My name was N, but This is the sixth time! Orchard and the two Nurse options, but not Dr. Not my name, but close, isn't it?

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All flooding back— my head's throbbing with knowledge, now Never said I was reading your mind. The alternative to not hiding it was leaving it out in the open, but I didn't have to leave it in the same place every time.

Chapter 2: Chapter 3

You'd think a letter from myself would contain some detail that only I would know, instead of keeping it vague. They didn't bring it up, though— most likely because they'd already decided I was lying to them, and that they'd rather fish for information than call me on it, for once.

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It appeared to be written in pencil— probably the shattered graphite sticks nearby— and had very few smudges that might indicate alteration. It changes every time, in alphabetical order.

Posted by DissociatedChaos 1 year ago Well, the shit is going to come later, clearly.

CORDYCEPS: Too clever for their own good

I got out of bed and stumbled groggily over to the sink. You've got to be ready for anything, experiment a little to get a feel for it. All the answers I know, right away. That's how I eventually realized I should have reacted when I woke up, but I didn't.

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Not a relevant question. Their head hurt pretty bad by the end of it, and I sent them off to dreamland with the Blu-Rays this time.

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Not because of this whole stupid situation. Did I need to hide? I inspected them, and found a message had been left for me. I had no particular plan for making my escape, other than snooping around, so an intermediate goal would help.

I sat there for a while. Posted by DissociatedChaos 1 year ago Who would ever want that when gurgles are to be had!?

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How am I supposed to deal with this? You claimed to be from the Light Marathon forums, and I don't remember anyone like you. I wouldn't have known until she told me, and You've been helping me to remember things, and the result is that— is supposed to be that— I believe you when you tell me important facts about my own life.

I'd entered the room, and the window snapped on, flooding the room with light. Curtains on the window, same problem as the divider curtain. This time, I'd managed to get them to be actually paranoid, not faking it to seem smart.

Chapter 1: Chapter 3

Posted by IkariZero 1 year ago This looks cute I don't— my brain thinks I don't have a dog, and that I hate spicy food. You gave me that name. What are you doing?!

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Turns out I was right! They were slightly raw, and smudged gray with graphite. I'm still hung up on the Idaho thing.

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You're the one who's been resetting me over and over! I don't know how long you've been here, and your birthday's in April. My muscles remembered how to turn on the sink, but my brain didn't remember to wait for the heat to come on.

She was disassembling a syringe and placing it in a plastic box.

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