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So they made sure even Buu fans get some action. Goku rushes to Buu.

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Gohan is my favorite character, but let's realistic. The mightiest warriors Assemble!! And also, as said above, Gohan has probably slacked off on his training like before and Goku has remained hard at work.

Dragon Ball Super Episode I can't see him doing that much training like that. This might be crazy, but they might even imply Gohan can go on par with Goku, but that is till Goku reveals his new level of power in the tournament.

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However, Goku has superior technique -- so he would probably find someway to win Goku, absolutely not contest. Especially for a SS3 Goku. While everyone objects, Goku hurries to ask Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect Frieza from Hell for just 24 hours.

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Even the one behind the DBS Manga, Toyotaro said they are really standing on its verge, and if they indeed reach that point. However, I would still say that I would prefer Cell over Frieza, as that would be much refreshing to watch since we already revisited Frieza once in Super.

He wouldn't just forget Horizontalscrollbarvisibility disabled dating and super speed. You know it could be like when he meets Frost he talks about their origins or something like that.

So after the training, he might get tired, and sleep for a long time, and gain back all his weight equally fast before the tournament.

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In one of my previous videos, I mentioned the least favorite character of mine from the 10 man squad is Buu, and if someone were to be replaced I would have him replaced.

First, they brought back Roshi and other Human Z fighters in action, something that I would demand every time someone asked what do you want in Super or what DBS lacks, and now they are replacing my least favorite character from the 10 man team.

If I am not wrong, the best performer or the best fighter of the battle royal is supposed uub vs gohan yahoo dating get the Super Dragon Balls.

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I wonder what Goku is going to bait Frieza with, will he be promised to be resurrected if they win? We might even get something crazy like Vegeta losing control and starts attacking his own team member Frieza in the middle of the battle or something like that. So, basically, I think Frieza would be a much more interesting character to watch than Buu.

For power i think Gohan has the advantage as he has already reached his ultimate form -- which is the strongest unfused character in dbz. At least this is how i saw it. Is he really leaving his family? I just shared the way I feel. If the Writers wanted they could make Cell relevant, maybe like saying he found a way to train in hell, absorbed some other villains or some other creative shit.

Well, something weird was going on with Buu, in the opening and ending scenes Buu is shown to be fat, but in recent episodes we see he trained so hard he got slim and significantly powerful. So, Buu is the one missing out from the team that we were led to thought will fight.

The Return of Frieza Officially Confirmed! Cell, Dabura, Super Buu. Or will they make a settlement like letting Frieza out of that cocoon that he hates very much?! It would be better if he took someone with him in the chamber, that way another fighter get a massive boost.

On the other hand, Vegeta is going into the time chamber; this will cover up the rustiness he might have got due to not training for being with Bulma.

While Gohan once again settled down into his mediocre life as a scholar in business. So, the training really went well for Gohan.

The ten members of the Universe 7 team lead by Son Goku have finally been decided. Now, imagine if he got that.

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Now, how do I personally feel about this? I think Uub is a better successor than Gohan because of that fighting spirit, and how he never gave up in his fight with Goku. Uub is one of my favourite characters as well. Goku does admit he wants to train Uub for a challenge.

Also, Frieza could go head to head with Frost, I think the fans will totally dig that. I love the hard hitting blows, the choreography and the concept of a human fighting evenly with normal Goku.

Uub vs gohan

What do you think about all this? I am emperor of the universe. As I said it depends. It seems open ended too, as we don't know what is on the horizon for goku.

Goku Edit Goku would win because Gohan always finds a way to lose against opponents who are weaker than him i. Only one time was Gohan ever stronger than Goku and that was when he was forced to transform to SS2 to beat cell, but after that point he was never a match.

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With a little time left before the tournament, Goku and Tien team off against Gohan and Piccolo for a training match. I say hell no. He has been training in the other world with people that rival and are even stronger than he is.

Another thing is they made Buu play in the Zen Exhibition out of all the fighters, as he will not be in the tournament. I also say Goku because he is Goku.

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Initially, if you saw my last video, I was very pissed off by the idea of a Frieza returning again in DBS. Goku has been training for the last 10 years, waiting for the fight with Uub, but Gohan has become a scholar.

That i recall is the reason he wanted Buu to come back as a good person. Additionally i thought the battle was important in terms of character development. I also made a video regarding that, titled will Majin Buu be fat again, and there I said that Buu usually never trains.

Apart from that, I also want to take this opportunity to mention the recently revealed Spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 and