Brand Slogans and Taglines: 20 Brilliant Examples Brand Slogans and Taglines: 20 Brilliant Examples

Various brands and their taglines for dating, what is a slogan?

As Forbes has noted nostalgia-based marketing can be very effective. Although just a few words long, taglines carry the entirety of your brand on their backs!

College Branding: Taglines - Neuromarketing

This tagline works insofar as it suggests Notre Dame is like no place else on earth. It's punny, to the point, and it perfectly represents the overall tone of the brand. In many ways, this set the tone for Audi as an innovative car builder that was always pushing the edge and coming up with new features.

Better still, give it to someone outside your business. It is a machine of drugs that continues a men and women body, thoughts and spirit in tune with nature on the way to hold true fitness.

Taglines and brands of major companies | Turn Everyday Pain Into Everyday Activity

Likewise, the Aborigines in Australia understood the energy of flora located of their surroundings. Various methods might then be used to repair the patient back to fitness.

Clarity always comes first. And the best what?

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Our company also values artistic expression and a playful approach to doing business. This slogan would be great for a tourist destination in Fairbanks or for Fairbanks itself.

This slogan allowed Meow Mix to stand out in a saturated market where most companies are selling extremely similar products. To drill home the point that their cars are exciting, state of the art, and offer the highest performance available.

Positioning Statements versus Taglines

By examining the essence of what you are and comparing it with what your customers want, the doors open to building a business with a strong positioning in the mind of the customer. But jargon can be just as dangerous and confusing because it leaves your customers that don't speak your industry's language scratching their heads.

When the Europeans settled in America they found that the Native Americans had an extensive information of the restoration strength in their indigenous herbs.

You can—as long as you fill in the rest of the details as well. The ultimate driving machine Southwest Airlines: Being concise is incredibly difficult.

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Let's say that our hypothetical company had as its purpose to provide video editing services to small businesses because we believe that the small guys have as much to offer the world as the big corporations and should have a way to express their vision into the world.

Those that have packaged their value proposition in a sleek and catchy phrase deserve their top dog status. Let us know in the comments!

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And what we said about being too clever or too cute still stands true! Creativity — People respond to things that are unique or clever so producing a creative slogan helps tremendously. The famous taglines above are too cute or too clever to achieve the clarity that small businesses need.

What category is your brand competing in and in what context does your brand have relevance to your customers?

What Is a Tagline?

Do they understand what you do? Chinese Medicine works at restoring stability in various approaches including natural remedy, acupuncture, respiration and movement Tai Chi and Qigong and additionally thru food regimen.

However, we provide a more simplified structure for formulating a Brand Positioning Statement in the following section. Think about it, have you ever eaten one or a few chips? The era of popular breakfast cereals is decidedly over, but Wheaties retains its position as creators of one of the most unforgettable taglines ever.

How to Create Strong Brand Positioning in Your Market

It just has to be something that your audience remembers. ECCO projects a brand image of a level of comfort and style generally associated with exclusive high-end shoes, while retailing at prices that are a little above average for the mass market, and within reach of a wide range of consumers.

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They are still the default symbol of wealth, power and status in America and the reason for this is marketing efforts by companies such as De Beers. Post a comment with your favorite, or least favorite, college tagline. Now comes the hard part: After thinking about your core values and purpose statement, you could come up with a mission summary like the following: With a critical, yet intuitive eye, ask: And that video wasn't the only one featuring Just Do It.

How to Create Strong Brand Positioning in Your Market –

People can unconsciously detect inconsistency, avoid this. They are simply planting the idea and letting human nature run with the ball. Brands that have done it right create iconic phrases that are glazed into the minds of millions of people.